How to help dry cough during sleep in three years old?

honey and ginger juice togethr is a natural way ratio is 1:3

Hello ! In the night coughs get worse. What helps most with my child is steaming. Keep the steamer on for a while. Do search for helpful articles here on the App. All the best.

on my doctor's recommendation I used a nebulizer and it gave amazing quick relief

Dry cough has many reasons..if nose is blocked, then cough in the nights can be prevented by nasal drops n steaming before going to bed.If that cough is due to wheezing( narrowing of air passages in the lungs), nebulization with bronchodilators like levolin, asthalin will relieve the a magic if it is not so sever...

Can apply some vicks or eucalyptus oil on chest n throat, don't switch on the fan coz it will irritate the throat making it dry

steaming with ajwain n cabbage is best

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