He is growing up..and I need to put what I know and heard into practice. I fear I may not be able to keep up with this undeniable challenge of keeping him safe!!
I don't want to keep him on a metamorphical umbilical cord, but I am simply reflecting a concern of an anxious and paranoid parent!!
Now a days; he thinks he has become independent and can do the stuff on his own and I want to but not really able to prick it!!!
The question is do I really have to???
Good parenting doesn't include providing them with the bumpy surfaces always. Where everything bumps up without hurting them, getting the false sense of security!!
; At the age of 6 I would go to my friend's house alone and come back on time without getting into trouble... But then I became a mother, a super anxious parent...my approach has been always risk-averse. Now I have to think at what cost? What about his self control? What is risk averse? How, when and why it is affecting his senses??? Would it be leading to emotional backdrop???
Protecting you child is one of the basic instincts of Parenthood, but if Children never experience the challenges, don't expect them to overcome it on their own. They are loosing the grip of self control on their own lives!!
When they take risks, it means they are running through the decision making phase.
Each and every single attempt to go through this process makes them stronger!!!
Experts says Practice and more practice help the young risk-taker learn to balance assertiveness with respect and compassion.
It boosts their confidence and comfortness towards taking risks and learning from the failures!!
When they socialize, sharing idea of the risk
Might be challenging. As they don't know how much risk they should take and how people gonna behave? But when you allow them to decide up to what they gonna go far, it's easy for them to handle the situation.
Playing outdoors requires a good amount of reasonable risk-taking, but staying indoors puts our children at an even greater risk for health issues and motor and sensory delays.
For instance, the next time I will see my child attempt to climb up a chair , I would let him do. You simply have to be present and spot if necessary.
Overtime, as our child masters this skill, slowly we should phase out. Overtime and with frequent opportunities he will become strong, independent, self controlled.
Practicing reasonable-risk taking is great on the outdoors!!!;
PS: I just hope he is not thinking of jumping from that tricycle!! I mean I just hope so!!! 😋😋😋
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I think many moms will find this really useful...thank you dear

so true...very well written. Totally relatable. Surely need to share this especially with grandparents. They tend to be little overprotective

Very useful for all toddler moms!

Priya Iyer Khushboo Chouhan #mustread

Very useful thanks for the tag Shruti Giri

Bookmarked dear! Very nice

This is a superb post... I sometimes see my husband being over protective...And always tell him that let the baby do these things.He himself will learn what's wrong and what's right.

I am a; bit overprotective trying my best not to be

Superb post. My God look at him super naughty 😘😄

Well written n informative👍👍👍

Shruti,,, we usually discuss about our parents way of parenting and our way... we both never came in to conclusion yet now,,, my hubby used to purchase groceries when he was just 5 and i was going to music classes school by cycle when i was just 7 and we are very confident, and know how to tackle the situation smoothly etc etc.. but coming to our kids matter,,, we are still over secure over caring,, may be the all blames to society or even we THE so called MODERN PARENTS.. i think change is needed in parenting style.. accepted your each and every points and shared with my hubby too.. between he is a superb stunt man..

Priya Sood; asha chaudhry thank u... would be happy if it does!! #happytohelp

Roopashree Siddireddy;; thanks

Sai Gandre thanks ... Agree... There is a saying my MIL use about this.. grandchildren are like a cream on fresh milk which we want more than the milk...😂😂

YOGINI KANDRE; Parul Johari; thanks dearies!!😍😍

Sonam patel; hehe...all fathers are like that... My husband doesn't like when I scold him even once in thousand years👿

Nisha Dayal; long way to go na..🤓🤓

Shiny Vincent; he is... Whatever it's in the picture is not even 5 %🙄🙄

Khushboo Chouhan 🙏 Sakshi Mahajan; thanks dear!!

Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa; I think somewhere we have to be protective... And somewhere let them do what they want...
One day i was at my friends house ...after some time anay started throwing everything from balcony..I told him but after a while he would do it again..I went aunty and told her to scold him..he came n sat silently after that.... My MIL scolded me for doing this...but if they can't take a no from outsiders now what would happen when he grows up!!! That's my simple logic behind it....

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Bookmarking!! It's like the future is calling out

Yes!!! Point to be noted,,, now a days i feel sensitive kids are more..

Good post.
My son is like this. He is a climber. He has been falling n hurting himself like no mans business :((
Ive been told tht i should make him wear a helmet!
Coz its just not possible to control the random falls or sudden falls.
He plays with tiny objects as well, but ive trained him, tht he will immediately come n show me tht he's put something in his mouth. He hasnt swallowed anything so far. Touchwood

Shruti Giri Very useful post!! keep up the good work.

Superb post dear..n thanks for tag..Shruti Giri


Very nice post dear... so well written....

Sumira Bhatia I don't think Uday can go ahead of what anay is!!Not even close... Uday is such an angel!!😘

Dr. Payal M same happens with me..when people see him playing with small things they scold me like hell..but I have trained him pretty well I guess.. sometimes he put it in mouth but not swallow or hurt himself...but still we have to be careful ...

Zeba Soudagar thank you so much zeba😘😘

durga salvi; thanks!!!

Khushboo Chag Dr.Dhanya Prajesh; thank you ladies!!!

Shruti Giri keep him for a day! Next day you'll be wanting to give him back for sure!! The angel that he is . . You've not heard him scream yet

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