Hello. I am 25 weeks pregnant now. I had anomaly scan at around 20-21 weeks. The baby is normal, everything else is fine except short cervix. My cervix length shown was 2.3 cm in the sonography report. Dr. then said that it's not the problem because internal os is closed. But I searched on the internet I found the the ladies with short cervix are given progesterone or done cervical enlargement. But I was not given anything. Today at 25 weeks I went to my doctor I again asked about short cervix. She said nothing can be done for it now. She was in lot of hurry to finish off seeing the patients she didn't told me that it's ok or not. Didn't suggested of any sonography. Just gave another appointment date. I am so worried that premature delivery may happen. Please suggest what to do. Whether to take second opinion or to change the doctor. Did it happen with anyone else here? Can a lady with so short or shorter cervix reach to full term with or without any treatment? What type of treatment can be done at this stage?

what did your doctor say about this?

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