Double Whammy is here! Superb special Welcome Gifts are ready to be given out. BabypOye and Flipkart vouchers worth Rs 300 each. Now that's what I call an offer!

Who are the lucky Mom? Announcing first batch.. Here you go!

Mamta Nischal, Aditi Trikha, Ritika Kaushik, Pooja Wadhwa, Prachi Jalan, Tanu Kaushal Sharma, Saumya Singh, Ramya Guruprasad, Shubhashree Rout, Charu Prathima, Ami Mehta, Shraddha Kothari, Meera Boppuri, Priyanka Agrawal, Ankita Srivastava and Raina Assainar. Congratulations!

Your welcome gifts will be sent shortly over email. Please contact for any queries.

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Congrats Moms! !

Super job Moms!!!

congrats moms!!!!

congrats mommies


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