Hey m 34 week pregnant, what should i do avoid back pain? I keep on changing sleeping position n pillow cushion etc.. Why saviour back pain occurs in trimester?

Hi , back ache in pregnancy is common due to forward tilting of ur pelvic because of growing baby.If you do backward tilting exs ( posterior tilts), pain will be controlled.Please consult a physiotherapist nearer to you or ask ur gynecologist .We have assess the case directly to teach proper exercises.. u can apply hot pack at the back..

hi , this is normal as baby grows inside and exerts pressure on back , etc trying to make space for its accommodation. it wil go away post delivery. keep trying various positions n see whichever gives u best relief as its diferent for every lady.

Back pain is common in pregnancy, please check with your OB/GYN if she can suggest some exercises, I have sciatica and it would pain a lot during pregnancy. My OB/GYN suggested prenatal yoga. I did yoga a home and with a week all the pain went away, I didn't have any back pain throughout the pregnancy later on.

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