Super Mujer

My verse is an acknowledgment to women, We strive hard to conquer and sovereign.

Kudos to every damsel from birth to those facing menopause,

You all rock Queens, it is difficult to curb the patriarchal regimen but not preposterous.

But indeed all are a warrior since advent,

We perceive to rebel for our segment.

Hats off to transgenders too who endure arduous to face society,

It's not their fault if they are entrapped in a male body.

Kudos to our helpers too, their worthy assistance at residences,

Being beaten by an alcoholic spouse, but the next morning with a smile they hide their disturbance.

Applaud to all professional women, be teacher, entrepreneur or medic regaling the needy,

Balancing home and work is not everyone's cup of tea.

Hats off to all homemakers too who strive hard to make a fleck,

Turning a house to a paradise home is tough, but you master in every aspect.

An applaud to all women facing social battle, including infertility

You are a fighter princess, you will surely overcome every difficulty.

A message to all the divas of the nation,

Do your bit in every field, don't wait for appreciation.

Be compassionate and spread love to those in need,

but if they don't pay back you know when to halt and trek.

Fight, retaliate, protest solitary, Be your own Knight,

You ain't need a prince, You suffice to decree the civilization.

- Dr. Umera

An ode to feminism.Happy International Women's Day divas of BabyChakra. #bbcreatorsclub





Happy women's day .NYC post

Happy women's day dear!!

@Madhavi Cholera thanx dear

@rosy panda same to you dear

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