hello . I m 12 week pregnant. I hv low placenta. what precautions I need to take. I lost my previous baby last yr. due to short cervix. so this time dr. Suggest me for cervical stiches in 14th week. I wanna travel my native .is it safe to travel by train for me.

1st ask ur doc. 1st trimester u cant travel as per doc.

Please ask ur doctor

Ur doc is best person to suggest on traveling in ur case

in case of low placenta u have to bed rest bcz it cause bleeding sometime..
u need to b vry careful till 3rd month ..
else ask ur docter first as she will advise u good..

dr. Suggest me to traval in 14th week as I hv to go to my native . will stay there till delivery. but still I m bit sacred. does the low placenta cause any other complications other then bleeding? shall I need to be on complete bedrest through out pregnancy

Low level is a bit risky only.But there are different types in low level also.So please follow ur doc advice or plan ur delivery in ur current place only with the same doc( without traveling during pregnancy).It is my personal advice.. take care..all the best

I feel you should not take any risk this time... please ask your gynaecologist

agree wit avani ..... in my 1st preg. i vd to travel seoul for work...but there also doc. told me to take rest ....wen i visitthe hospital...coz i feel little cramp...

please take bed rest.... Don lift any heavy items....

Train is safe but car not safe

when u travel from Home to Railway station.

distance Matter

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