Summers have started, if u haven't got a matka (earthen clay pot) yet, then get one sooner. Earlier, the better. The earthen clay pot is a natural way of storing and making water cool.

Uncountable Benefits Of Matka(earthen clay pot) are as : 👌 It helps in keeping Acidity and gastric problems at bay

👌 It maintains the PH level of the body

👌 It helps to improve metabolism and bowel movement 👌 It helps to reduce acne issues, as the clay water cools down the excess heat of the body

👌 It keeps your throat away from dryness

👌 The water stored in Matka(earthen pot) is appropriately cool, that helps to keep body healthy.

👌 It also helps in treating sore throats .

👌 It also prevents heatstroke


👌Matka water helps to quench your thirst in a natural form with its vital nutrients and keeps you away from the refrigerator water, which is again not good for your health . 👌Hydration itself plays a very important role in improving digestion and metabolism. When water is stored in clay pot and consumed it ensures better functions as it does not contain chemicals as found in plastic matkas or plastic bottles that are used to store water in d fridge.

👌Drinking water from plastic bottles or plastic matka is very harmful for our body. It does not provide any nutrients to the body. There may be chemical changes because of the type of plastic used which can cause lot of health issues.




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