Do you still get time to read?

No specific books... wants to read all that she has! One book that makes her watch videos of the same is THOMAS TRAIN..

I was SUCH a bookworm but since I have donned motherhood I haven't read a single book. Blame it on the lack of time or maybe haven't found any book so engaging to allot time to it leaving everything else.
PS. my son loves to read though. I read out stories and alphabet and colors and shapes to him. Those are my favorite books lately

Being a Book Lover and a book hoarder, I read multiple books at a time depending on my mood at that point of day or night.
I always intersperse some light reads with intense ones.
The recent light ones I really found interesting are -
1 The Second Coming... hilarious one about a woman approaching menopause.
2 The Madras Affair
3 Wrong end means right one ( I read this one thro the night and finished at 4 am.)

So now my next one will be an intense one like An Autobiography of a Yogi.
My daughter too has picked up a liking for books. I started reading to her from the time she was just 15 days. Recently she asked for Devdutt Patnaik's books and she is just 6 yrs.

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