What is the right age to enroll kids for play group??

not sure but I guess 3

when ur kid vl completed 3rd year .dn u can send him to formal school .they giv admission to nursery if kids kid is 3yrs old on 31st march

so if u want to u can send us kid to playscholl before formal school jzs to make comfrtable nd familiar to school

It depends on you and baby. I enrolled when he was almost 2. See if your baby has stranger anxiety. Can she stay away from you ? There will be initial issues but that normalizes

1.11 yrs as on June, as per Govt order

I started play group for my kids who were 1 year and 10 months. your child should show a certain readiness... when you think your child is getting bored and not happy with activities at home, you can start school. as per CBSE, play group can be started any time after 20 months of age.

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