ia anyone hv cervical stiches. I m going to jv next week . I m too scare


Yes I had got cervical encirclage done. Need not worry it's a safe procedure. You need to take complete bed rest post the procedure. I was advised absolute bed rest for a week.
Why are stitches advised to you anyway ? I was expecting twins so had to get it done.

I has one miscarriage when I was 6th pregnant due to short cervix. now I am in 13th week pregnancy.

6th mth pregnant :-)

Hi Tanushree. As advised by our Pre Natal expert Dr Riddhi Chandarana

Hi Tanushree ,
You must have been educated by ur gynaec as well about this -
Cervical stitches are usually given to prevent premature labor . So the procedure will be beneficial for you in case you have a short cervix and some other signs of premature labor .

Don't worry . Be calm . You are undergoing this to prevent or reduce complications . Trust ur body.

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