My 1yr lo just don't eat chapati in whatever form i try to give him from last 2-3 months . He just like rice recipes n daliya. He likes kakdi, Apple n finger crispy food when given in his hand but that too he couldn't complete one slice even. Any suggestions as we are not regular rice eater.

Priyanka have you tried giving, aloo paratha, it's soft and yummy. I used to add salt, lemon juice and little sugar in boiled potatoes which I stuffed in parathas

that way parathas remain soft and easy to eat for little ones

let your baby eat whatever he wants till the time it is nutritious. he should gain good weight.. that's it

yeah agree , let child eat what they like, as they grow their taste changes, till they are eating properly and healthy and active, don't force . you can try again something which child dint eat after 15 days or a month and check.

echo u Priya

why not try some brown rice instead?

Hey priya thanks your suggestion of aloo paratha worked now will think more such parathas other than aloo.

Cool Priyanka..You can grate beet and make pink parathas, add palak pure green parathas, that's how I gave my little one. I am glad ur lil one liked aloo paratha :)

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