how to reduce gases feeling during pregnancy.

eat vanilla icecream

sry icecream doesn't suits me as I m bit asthmatic

hey u drink coconut water that causes gases.
drink loads of water dear

I can try half milk and half water

Eat 5 to 6 small meals a day (instead of 3 heavy meals)

as avni said coconut water does create gas if taken empty stomach...i had same prob..i stopped having it empty stomach...keep walking or lil yoga...helps alot

thanks reema but I am not able to do any walk or yoga due to low lying placenta

the day i was too much gassy i took pudinhara liquid...had checked with my doctor...u may chk as well...great relief...also avoid too much spicy...

buttermilk,ajwan water,jaljira

ajwain is hot I think we should avoid during pregnancy.

Jeera, coriander and little jaggery boiled together and had with milk will provide cooling to the tummy. Take more of lauki and protein to avoid gas.

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