Hi... I'm 27 weeks pregnant now.. I Had a low lying placenta in my 3rd month... now it has gone up... but my question is will the placenta again come down? if yes how should I take care of myself?

Mostly not..don't worry

first it was in the left side above and now it is in anterior front....

hello deepthi . I am also in 4th month n hv low lying placenta. could u please tell me what precautions u had taken .

I was in full bed rest and it moved in One and half month... keep a pillow below your leg while sleeping.. Don take any tension, it will move as your uterus grows

ok thx a lot deepthi

Hi. Pls follow the doctors advice and take adequate precautions as my friend faced this problem and since she dint take adequate care she had a pre term Delivery. dont be worried but be careful.

Place your leg on an elevated pillow

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