pls help with a good stretch mark cream, in 5th month pregnancy.

Bio oil is very good.

Bio oil is best

All the best Sanha. Don't worry too much about the marks. Its our badge of honor!

I agree priya.. thanks alot :)

palmers coco butter or bio oil

how soon (month)shld we start with bio oil?

start of 2nd trimester is considered good time

thanks tanya

OK , thanks sanha !

my gynac has suggested mark lyt cream

I am using coconut oil.. worked well so far

Stretch nil cream, is v good apply 2times a day or when ever you feel itching. Olive oil also helps

coconut oil best h

thanks all for the suggestions

nothing is going to help u. just accept those marks for now. when ur baby is close to one year old slowly the marks (which gets very dark after delivery) will start to lighten. after delivery apply bio oil or coconut oil. with time it ll fade away.

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