Hi. Am facing a lot of resistance from my baby when am trying to brush his teeth. hes 14 months old. ive tried different toothpaste flavours and different coloured brushes and also tried brushing with him . He just doesnt open his mouth. pls suggest effective solutions. Thanks

It's a new taste for kids.. plus the stickiness doesn't really gel well...don't worry. over a period of time he will get used to it especially when he will start brushing teeth on his own.
have u tried pigeon brand..use very little (half peanut size) of it with a couple of drops of water in it (kind of dilute the paste) and try using it.

It's a phase, they l start brushing but do not stop. keep a routine for brushing, get nice colourful brush. Brush along with ur kid.

thanks a lot mommies

What worked with me - the big boy brushing on his own. Mom , Dad and son brushing together

buy the brush of his favorite cartoon, same logic worked with my elder one

just give the brush in his hand... and take her brushing when you brush. she will eventully learn looking at you.

thanks mommies. tried all of the above..still crying a lot when im trying to brush his teeth

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