Every friday nite i try and do a recap on the week. It gives me the opportunity to figure out what i shud be grateful for this week!

-quality time with childoo every evening - we took her to the story of space

- our iffi id cards hv come thru. I m a huge iffi (int'l film fest of india) fan!!

- no major tech issues on the app

- childoo came out of her cold (knock wood)

- my bff's mom has been given oral medicine for malignancy that is back

- childoo's friend's grand bday party on sunday!!!

- my ghosts from my closet didnt come to haunt me

- julie the dog had a bath and she is eating properly (knock wood)

- the building kids are behaving and not throwing attitude!

- my hairdresser didnt shear off all my hair!!!

How did the week treat u? Share some of ur #gratitudelist ....

This week went really fast both at work and home. Thank full to my stars and God that we finally landed up with a excellent home tutor for the elder one.
Little ones vaccination due on Saturday.
Both maids came the entire week.
Hubby and I could manage quite 20mins tea dates during office time.
Sounds like a cool week.
God bless you all.

so bad... three major things I was thinking to fix it.. but unfortunately this week very lazy week.. so planning for a outing to boost my energy .. hmmm.. let c...

Ujjwal Mishra(SuperMommy) i was gonna mention my maids but big issue with my maid so i m so sad :( she has to leave after 2+ yrs (big deal in goa coz u dont get maids!!). She has found replacement but training in process so dunno :( i love ur 20 min tea dates! Ini has a bday party tomo so my hubby said we'll go out for lunch to some place we dont get to go with ini!!! Hope the coming week shones for all!

Ashika Imthiyaz happy outing yaar!

Sumira Bhatia Sonam patel nancy singh Shiny Vincent Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa Dr.Dhanya Prajesh Dr. Farah Adam Dr. Payal M Sheeba Vijesh Sheeba Rizvi Richa Chowdhary Richa Kaushik Neha Sharma Nilofer shaikh aditi manja Naiyya Saggi Yogini Kandre Prachi Kritika Lall Varsha Rao Shruti Giri Priti Singh Pooja singh malasi Aradhana Sharma Kartik Kujur Nisha Dayal Ellora Mohanty Biswal Sakshi Mahajan Priyanka Maheshwari Rakhi Puri (beautyofmommying) Dhara Popat Vidhi Duggal (Luminosity.blog) what are u grateful for this week?!

Sonam zarin suchismita patro Isha Sharma Amreen Laxmi Shankar Priya Sood do share!

# I maid went for leave to by jewelery from Belgium.
# I have started searching my new job.
# my kiddo bcm more naughty.
# planned to change kiddo meal plan and to introduce new dish.
# hubby not going good wd his work. Wanted to switch this job.
# we saw movies at home golmaal 4 / secret super star.
# most of the time doing housekeeping.
All over it was good...thanks to God for everything...
Be positive be Happy...

Bad bad bad..
Childo is getting super fussy over eating .. guess its teething troubles..
Had constant arguments with hubby over only 1 thing the entire week n still continuing..

Mine was some what hectic, nanny was on leave so mamma was taking care of the baby,; baby caught up with cold, but finger's crossed week passed very fast, again problem will heading as mamma needs to go to our hometown as grandmas surgery is on Tuesday so very much in tension
Good morning; Stay blessed all

my baby started walking without support skipping crawling..super happy!
he started eating without a fuss.
Went out for dinner yesterday.
Today out with school children for field trip to virar..along with students eager to watch solar energy,warli painting n most imp visiting adivasi girls school..collected crayons to distribute(already missing my bacha,wil reach home late evening)#gratitude

My kiddo is staying with his mom at his Nana's so I went to visit them and had a quality time. The one and a half days that I'm here I'm fully involved with him spending quality time preparing meals and feeding him, washing him, giving massages, changing diapers, going out with him, playing with him, patting him to sleep etc. I'm determined not to bother his mother (except for the feeds) and give her plenty of rest for the little time I'm here. Week progressing as planned and super happy about it. Will be leaving for work today.

Omg Amreen; pls post this great milestone news naa! We all will celebrate!! Many congrats!

Awww tc Yogini Kandre

Priyanka Maheshwari hugs!

My week was awesome... hosted 3 families for dinner #sad that all the 3 officer's are posted out , all my friends left but thats how fauj is... you still continue people come and go #kiwi 's vaccinations are done.. so a relief for this month
# kiwi smiles a lot and recognises me happy mommy #my doggies are growing up one will soon celebrate his 2nd birthday #my sis is coming from london so lots of goodies on the way yay yay

Awesome post asha😍 well my week was bit hectic sports is on still in childoos school now Arhaan's sports day is on Wednesday....they call them for practice so moms get extra duty😮 thankfully Maid came almost full week...I have one paper presentation so trying to complete this as well...coming week will be busy till Wednesday I hope will get some peace afterword. Thankyou God for making my life worth ☺

This week is memorable one- #gratitude Baby Chakra
Monday- I had a sensational live qna UNDER THE SHEETS that was perfect..
- Tuesday- Dr. Payal M gave an idea to do a post regarding bleeding in early pregnancy
- Wednesday- My article which is very close to me- Things I Miss After my Baby Turned One! Got published and that day is double special as It was my one and only sister AKKA birthday 😊
-thursday- we both (me n dr.payal) finally discussed about our related topics and finalised about the post and we posted that..
-Friday- it was full of clearing doubts which im addicted to.
In offline-
-Monday- lotts of opd's and 2 normal deliveries (which were very risky).. and kiddo was very co- operative
Tuesday- Only Opd's nothing more, was peaceful day, had a good time with kiddo..
Wednesday- i was down with fever n congestion- haha rest day n enjoyed hubby's cooking.. and kiddo was with her dad as she may get infected because of me
Thursday- i got recovered soon n again loads of opd's and one elective hysterectomy done and in home planned some stuffs for upcoming best friend's marriage.. kiddo had good time with her cousin chaachu (it was surprise visit)
Friday- 2 normal deliveries- all were completed with in half an hour as the both were in second stage- it is a bliss for any doctor to complete a labor soon after patient enters hospital 😂 otherwise relatives keeps asking when she will deliver, what is status, why not c-sec etc etc 😅, moderate opd's not much..
Today- i am in hospital and having moderate opd's so time is there to write some stuffs- so that i can post weekend post in babyC.. kiddo is having good time with her dad as he is on leave today to attend some rider's meeting 😜 totally it was peaceful happy week for me 😀

This is such a great idea asha chaudhry !! Love love.
Im posting in random order, as im bad with dates n days. I tend to forget wht i did yesterday; (unless its work related!)😁😁
- started a musical bonding class where i take both kids together!! Soo much funnn
- my post bana article! All You Needed to Know About The Transvaginal Scan (TVS)
- Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa and me have bonded so well, we could come up with our combined post and got such a great response!!
- my little one is settling down in new playgroup- touchwood
- made three new dishes this week: veggie cabbage rolls, veg lasagne in healthy white sauce, three bean burger. All were liked by hubby!!
- taking inspiration by; dr. Shilpitha, me n hubby enjoyed some 'us' time- wink wink!!
-managed to start my med registration update process which ws long pending- hubby took some leave frm work to take care of lo n accompanied me as well,feeling good abt it.;

Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa i can imagine what ur dear diary wud be like! U are so thorough! Hats off!

I like ur week a lot Dr. Payal M !!!!!!!!

I so loved reading everyone's post

Aanya had 3 tests and; she scored well.; Went for shopping.; Cooked yummy food.; Celebrated; my Chachi Saas; birthday on 16th. Sorted winter clothes for; Aanya.; Hubby got lots of stuff for us from Agra I loved the; antique silver box he got.;; I haven't showed it to Aanya yet. Ordered My little pony for; Aanya.; Thank God; hubby never object to my shopping; spree. It was a; good week.

Hmmm... first of all a very nice post...And thanx for tagging. This week kept me on toes my son got vaccinated,then got viral cold and cough. Now he is doing fine. Finally I got my periods 😀coz pms was making me mad. My son replied to me when I said "I Love you". My son sits for a while on my lap and looks around. The best thing that happened is that I have learnt to laugh on myself. Today my baby was crying throughout the physio session but I was strong and smiled when finally he was not able to do anymore. I gave him strength and soon he fell asleep.😊

Wow... Kartik Kujur; versatile daddy. My husband will do all the above; except the meal part but will complain the very next day...

Kartik Kujur; i need to show this to my hubby.. he will be soooo jealous....

Good idea asha maam
Ok...so...baby turned 7 months (yepiii)
Her vaccination for flu done
She finally recovered from congestion n fever (knock wood)
New taste of suji halwa along with milk...success (knock wood
..she loved it)
Applied; for baby's passport
Went for some winter shopping
Everyone is excited as nani nana and mama are coming next week
Booked hotels for nasik...trayambakeshwar jyotirling visit....and funny times with papa that kiddo enjoys a lot😊 #happyparenting

Thanks Sonam zarin Priyanka Maheshwari

Baby and daddy both were down with cough and cold... Hubby is fine now...But baby still has cough.
After that I too m caught in this. Suffering from really bad cough.I am not able to be on the app like before. I miss this. It's raining from 3 days and it's sucking.
Nothing good this week.

Awww hugs Sonam patel !

We exchanged our room with my mil so it kept me busy in arranging things in place...tried new recipes: sweet idli and rasgulle. Came to know that my baby has bcom so familiar with her family that she knows nd reacts when smbdy from outside comes nd meets her. Also she is now able to hold many things and specially her pacifier which she puts into her mouth in right way😁 she tries to stand nd do the tap dance😁 sits without support for a good 1 2 minutes....ordered so many things online for baby nd myself.
overall it was a happening week. I'm thankful to god 🙏

Wow Pooja singh malasi ! Awesome milestone week for u! Pls post them tomo with #milestonemonday and share wth everyone!!

Mera week recap....
Was out for holiday to goa -Sunday to saturday... Hafta vasool !!

Sorry..couldn't reply for the tags...as was busy with kido event..she got into the finals of Mr n miss little Bangalore so a busy but enjoying week end..first rampwalk..my kids performance n first stage at this age .. everything was special.

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Awesome suchismita patro !

Mamta Washist u were in goaaah! Wish u had ping Prachi & me!!!!

asha chaudhry ..i wanted to meet u but i had no network thr. Even the places whr we had wifi, wouldnt work.

We'll meet in mumbai Mamta Washist ! Funny i thot u were from blore!

Mamta Washist not fair yaar...😩😤😈

Seriously Prachi ...the network gave me a hard time thr.
My hubbys fren owns a shack..thats the only place we got wifi ka signal but that too wouldnt work most of the time.
N my kids go crazy when they reach goa....all they want to do is ... Play in water then sand.

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