I recovered from a strong viral last week but I still feel weak and tired all the time. I also feel very anxious and uncomfortable if I sleep or rest for slightly longer than my daily routine. I feel very hungry, I eat but I feel full and empty at the same time. I don't know what's wrong with me. plz help

a doctor will be the best one to advice.. kindly consult one incase u already haven't

Hi it is very common after Viral infections.As u loose all vitamins while fighting with virus.Please visit doc , they will prescribe u some vitamin tablets..have lots of fruit juices n water regularly... Vitamin n mineral deficiency lead to anxiety, weakness.. which will affect your moods, bowels n all the other systems in our body

thank u Dr.srujuna Kona... you are right, I had ignored my low hb levels. will take care

Welcome dear

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