What is the right age to get help from a speech therapist for your child? and if it all it is needed also or not.

My daughter is 3.5years old and she is having some trouble in pronouncing sounds like 'f', mixes up 'r' and 'l' and few she stutters. Im asked by her teacher to consult a therapist while another teacher has asked to take some time as she might lose confidence if kept on corrected now.

in school teacher will help her

She is helping her but now with phonic sounds as the teaching methodology it is getting a lil difficult. and also Needhi a school teacher cant devote too much time with one child alone.

playgrp teacher do all it

Kenisha, my daughter has started with formal school now. case my daughter improves a lot.... talk to the teacher

Surely will ask her teacher.

Apart from school u can help her by phonic sound exercises... some short videos will help to pronounce the alphabet properly

videos like?

my Dr says don't do any therapy till six years.. it will harm the child than help.. let nature take its course

Thanks Rucha. Im doing the same. Giving Kenisha some more time.

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