Yes. I do drive all alone. Yes. Most days I am alone in my car. yes. I am aware of the harms from car fuel also am aware of the traffic situations in my city and how car pooling will help it all.

Well, but really what I am putting here could be a woe of all working women.... it is not possible to car pool... I mean I do not just go from A to B straight. My route is too long and too complicated...

Some days I finish bank and bill chores while going to work... Oh also I stop by at my alternation tailor sometimes... and did I forget to mention the market and super markets? (yeah yeah I know there are big basket etc for that - but where and when will they deliver) and yes, there is stationary shop too... to visit (school projects, print outs, photocopies), there is phool market during festival times... Oh by the way, this is not all....

So, if I start car pooling, my car will be like a bus service dropping and picking people from different localities on different days - if at all I get some who would be leaving and reaching at my timings and then how, if at all I am late, can I change my plans and restructure my to do...

(Talking about to dos... well, taking a bath is also a item to be ticked from a to do list)


No this is not justification... this is just soul musing... thinking loud.. if any arguments please put them up or put them down ;) (in the comments I mean).... I may not may not participate... though

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