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♈ Aries: Aries I can say this is the time where the new vision begins for you. You’re very close to a massive breakthrough and this breakthrough is coming to you by the creator. I absolutely see you snap out of your depression and snap out of the low feeling that you have been in for a very long time. You are going to elevate your learning and your skill and then you are going to teach that to other people. In spite of being the leader of the zodiac, your attitude is not of a know-it person. You are always open to learning new ideas and expanding your horizons. you must do some charity today and help any random person that comes in front of you. Feed some street animals or birds. Yellow and orange or good colors today.

♉ Taurus: Do you feel very sad about the compromises that you are making in your personal life I have to tell you that what you see is only today and you cannot see what is coming up tomorrow. These compromises will pay off and they will be for your highest good as you pass by. This is crushing your ego and your hidden ego but it will be in your favor in the coming time. You will get information and symbols that will help you understand the spiritual truth. Go into a very indifferent space about this compromise that you are making in your relationship and you will see unconditional love from within you. Green and purple are your lucky colors today.

♊ Gemini: There is so much happening around you that you really feel a little out of balance. And you know what all the things that are happening around you are actually very good and positive but they are very overwhelming for you to handle. You are getting anxious and somehow in denial of this abundant life. So please take some deep breaths and try to change those old patterns of your life. Do believe that the best is coming to you and you are at the door of new beginnings. You’re being a bit miser with spending your money and that is also stressing you out for no reason. Yes, you hear me correct you being a miser is stressing you out so please just live life and only the best is about to happen. Black and white are your lucky colors today.

♋ Cancer: You have a very special bond with children, your zodiac is naturally very mothering and nurturing. You are coming out of a dark intense time and going towards the light. The process is probably slow but you are in the right direction. Children are the heels of your life so I’m going to ask you to connect with children who are sensitive or probably a bit challenged as the amount you will nurture them in a thousandfold you will be healed. you’re making some new friendships also which are going to go on for a very long time and that is also a beautiful surprise for you as you’ve not had a bit of great luck with friendships for a very long time. But you know what the people who are very different from you sometimes actually go a long way than the people who are very similar to you. And that kind of change is happening in your life. Pink and yellow are your lucky colors today.

♌ Leo: You are in a mood to have a face-to-face talk with someone today who is very important in your life. You want to really overcome some difficulties and you want to fly high, you want to travel you want to migrate there’s so much on your mind. And you feel you’re mature enough to handle it and things are better than before. I agree with you it is time you start creating what you desire and there is a lot of help from the universe which is going to come your way. If you want to win a lottery the first and foremost thing that you need to remember is that you will have to buy the lottery ticket, otherwise it cannot happen. So if you wish to go abroad there is a way or a plan that you will have to create for yourself. And today is the day that you begin to do so. Beige and green are your lucky colors today.

♍ Virgo: You are a in a mood to renovate and tell the time you don’t do that you’re not going to feel peaceful. But you know what I’m going to give you a suggestion before you start renovating your space you need to clear your space, as I see your space is very cluttered and there are more than 50% things in your room that you probably haven’t used in years and may not use in the coming few years which needs to be gone as of yesterday. Do some charity and give it to organizations who may give your stuff to people who need it. So that is the thing that will get you through harmony and peace from within and not the renovation. I see you doing the renovation and you must do it use a lot of yellow in your new space. Yellow and red are your lucky colors today.

♎ Libra: It seems you have been partying a lot and completely ignoring your Health. You really don’t have any sleep patterns or any eating patterns and that is taking a toll on you. And I see so much lined up even in the near future which I would really suggest you regret a few invites and please filter where you need to go. You cannot go like this day after day as this is going to affect your physical as well as mental health. Don’t have this FOMO as this is going to destroy your inner peace. Do believe you will be where you need to be and your true friends will understand if you want to disappear for a while. Black and orange are lucky colors today.

♏ Scorpio: You feel a block today and you feel you are being a victim as you are so innocent. Let me tell you it is absolutely the divine order, everything is how it needs to be right now. Look past the illusion, and see the underlining order. This is by the universe and this is not really a blog it is just a new adventure of life that has begun and you are taking baby steps. Don’t go in a face of self sympathy and don’t feel like a victim as these energies are very very dark and negative and they can somewhere disturb your positive thinking process. Isolate yourself for a while and that’ll help you find your equilibrium. Blue and orange are your lucky colors today.

♐ Sagittarius: In spite of everything going pretty well in your work and in your business life you want to today rock your boat. It is just something you enjoy doing from time to time and creating this imbalance in your life probably because your soul conscious likes to challenge you. I would say that’s a very self-punished mood and you must not do that. You know what to do trust you are in knowledge and act upon it without any delay. There is money coming in your cards very soon and you don’t need to get too greedy about it. The pace that you are working on is very good and don’t make too many changes as you are getting a bit overconfident. Light blue and gold or you’re lucky colors today.

♑ Capricorn: Notice your recurring physical and emotional feelings as they signify divine guidance. your circle of change has begun today and it will last till the end of October and things change for you or for your highest good. Have the trust and you will see a long-term relationship coming your way in these two months. This relationship may get into a union or a commitment all you need to do is to be very relaxed about it and stay calm. Sometimes you can scare your lover because you are a perfectionist and relationships are not tailor-made. They coexist with one another unconditionally. So don’t be a master of the relationship just go exist in it and then merge beautifully. Purple and silver are your lucky colors today.

♒ Aqarius: I have no idea and I have literally lost an account that how many times the card of fixing your past life has been coming. You absolutely need to take charge of some unresolved issues in your friendships and relationships from the near past. In order for you to move forward because these are Unresolved issues that have not had closure, they affect your control and power in your own life. Take back your power, use your God-given power and intention to manifest blessings in your life and that can only happen once you have closure on two things that mattered to you once upon a time. Pink and white are your lucky colors today.

♓ Pisces: All is well, everything is happening exactly as it is supposed to, with hidden blessings you will soon understand. Even if you cannot know at this point where you’re headed, I can promise you that you are very close to receiving some rewards from the universe. The worst is now behind you and I do agree that you have been through some tough times this year and you have paid your dues. You will get your existence and you’re due respect and you will be served justice. Some of you who are in some court cases will hear a piece of good news very soon as that energy has begun in your zodiac from today. The circus will not bother you in the near future as you have mastered this entire circus in your life. Orange and blue are lucky colors today. 

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