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♈ Aries: You are definitely going through a transformation and transformations are never easy, they do bring a lot of self-awareness, and self-awareness is somewhere connected to the sorrows that are deeply rooted within us. You are extremely physically lazy and you need to help yourself to come out of this laziness and lethargic Mess. You feel like an outsider and your business seems to be slow, your material needs are provided as you follow your intuition and manifest your dreams into reality. It is completely your duty for your dreams to be fulfilled. Do not expect somebody else to write your story as it is purely your job. Put in the effort put in the karma and you will be definitely rewarded more than you can even imagine. Green and gold are your lucky colors today.


♉ Taurus: You definitely need some chakra clearing or some chakra balancing, you must sage your house today and sage your aura also. Burn some sage and rotated seven times clockwise around you in order to clean your aura and pull you out of your mental conditioning or mental suppression. There is absolutely no block from the creator side at a conscious level it is your own subconscious that makes you believe things sometimes more than what they really are. Don’t make a mountain out of a mole and just let go of small issues of life. When you want to win the war you have to sometimes lose some battles. Have your eye on the bigger picture and change your conditioning. Brown and orange are your lucky colors today.


♊ Gemini: Today your body will give you signs of your emotional feelings. If at all you’re feeling some aches and pains in your body or some joint issues clearly understand that you are holding some emotional burden inside of you that you need to release. Somebody or some relationship is kind of blocking the adventures that you feel in your soul and for months you’re not able to behave as free as you would like to express yourself the way you would like to, then you start having these aches and pains. There is a great connection between your body and soul today and you must see this as significant divine guidance. Do some charity for special children or spend some time with them as this will heal your inner child and pull you out of your challenges. Pink and yellow are your lucky colors today.


♋ Cancer: As you nurture a child in the chair your own inner child. Both activities are important for you right now. It is a mixed bag day where you have a massive breakthrough as well as you feel there is a circus around you. But you have to understand that chaos is extremely important if you want to change the dynamics of your life. Don’t be in the belief that the live button will not change, as you have the power to pay your dues and change the pattern that keeps repeating over and over again. You get a lot of universal signs around you in the form of numbers, some special messages, etc. you must respect these signs as they will help you understand the circus and you’ll hold tight. Red and green are your lucky colors today.


♌ Leo: When you become the leader and guide others you need to even accept the fact that the leaders are mostly alone, they don’t make friends or they don’t do Smalltalk leaders clearly mean business. You can’t have it on, you’ve been wanting to lead a team or your family for a very long time and once you’re doing that don’t complain of this loneliness. Having a higher understanding and comparing your life from the past as not being the leader or not taking charge has given you a very miserable state of mind. So at this point just put your focus on being the leader and the rest will follow behind you itself and you will again feel the joy and abundance in your life. Have patience and faith. Rose gold and brown are your lucky colors today.


♍ Virgo: You have been traveling a lot in the past and you kind of feel physically exhausted with it. A lot of you who are in a traveling job or a traveling business or feeling to have a change in career. Your life purpose is triggering a blessed career change and it’s a brilliant idea for you to do so. You will soon get a great offer or a preposition if you put yourself out there, as your inner voice is divine guidance. Follow your inner voice and you will see so many new avenues will open up for you. If you are physically exhausted it can definitely affect your health and the joy in your life. There is no harm in changing the nature of your business also or probably planning a migration. Black and red are your lucky colors today.


♎ Libra: You are definitely sitting on a lot of abundance and money but you are being very secretive about it, I understand being secretive and not letting anybody see your wealth because you want to protect it from the evil eye but hiding it from your family members and showing them that you have financial problems can be pretty messed up don’t you think so? You have to confide in someone or trust someone 100% so please have that faith and share your finances with someone very close to you in your house so that you can plan your future better and get more ideas. I see investment coming also very soon and this will be very fruitful for you in the near future. Pink and purple are your lucky colors today.


♏ Scorpio: You are stressing a lot about your children or your parents, but I’ll tell you either or are in no problem or danger whatsoever. You are safe and so are your loved ones and completely believe that as your cards show that SECURITY. You’re being a bit paranoid and it could be because so many changes are occurring in your day-to-day life and you can feel the pressure of this transformation. Just meditate every day or pray for 15 to 20 minutes a day and you will see the amount of calmness that will come inside of you. You will get a lot of support also from your friends today as well as the entire coming week regards to your business. Purple and black are your lucky colors today.


♐ Sagittarius: You’re a bit emotional and vulnerable today, as you feel you don’t have great friends or a great social life. Sometimes we go through that intense period in life where the universe wants us to filter a few people from our lives and make space for new energy to come in. You are clearly going through a period like that and you need to embrace it better I see a lot of new people will make a way in your life post-October so till then allow this filtering to happen as this is for your highest good. Green and brown are your lucky colors today.


♑ Capricorn: What a beautiful day for you today you are going to clearly realize that the change has begun to happen and you are flowering from within, the sources behind you and you can feel the creator's blessing. Just be very clear about your intentions and be clear about what you desire and focus on it with unwavering faith. Sometimes you can be a people pleaser and that can confuse a lot of people around you as you don’t want to be brutally honest to hurt someone and sometimes you can be so abruptly honest that where one doesn’t need to hear that side of you and get hurt for no reason. So try to strike a balance and give your opinion with a lot of compassion and an unconditional mindset. praise the Lord and just focus on your growth for now. Light blue and black are your lucky colors today.


♒ Aqarius: You are a natural counselor, and many people benefit from your guidance and reassurance. It is time for you to guide a lot of people around you because guidance is the answer to your own dilemmas. You feel slightly lonely or sad in your love life in spite of having so much comfort and fulfillment in many other areas of your life. But you desire to share it with someone and you are lacking in that area and feeling very depressed about it. Don’t be depressed manifest this love in your life and support by just giving positive thoughts to it and not talking about it every single day of your life with your friends or family. Have you heard of the saying if you stir the pot for too long it never boils? so let it go for now and you will see how you will be rewarded with a fantastic love life in the near future. White and silver are your lucky colors today.


♓ Pisces: You feel success is very close to you but due to some reason it keeps getting postponed and the speed gets slower and slower by the day. It is not true, you have gifts from God coming your way very soon you just need to open your arms and receive these gifts from the creator. I do see a little bit of postponement around you but that has got nothing to do with your energy it is just the planetary position that is delaying things and as soon as Saturn will come out of retrogression by the end of October 2022 you will see how things will again speed up for your highest good. Gold and red are your lucky colors today.

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