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♈ Aries: You are a born leader and nobody can take that away from you, you definitely have a strategic plan for yourself in order to move forward and even protect yourself from all the jealousy and politics that people create around you. The best mantra of your life is definitely silence and do not discuss your future plans with people as it just creates an unnecessary block in your order, it could be due to jealousy or some evil lie that people put on you. It is time for you to assume your leader ship power and position, and lovingly guide others. Let go of what was in past and ETA new tomorrow as the universe is going to now open many doors for you and heal you from the past experiences. Yellow and orange are your lucky colors today.


♉ Taurus: Sometimes the right path may not be the easy path, you are really holding onto your morality and integration which is the creators plan but you are emotionally feeling too exhausted on the path of righteousness. I understand your vulnerability but the road of transformation is what it is. When you have decided to transform for your betterment and your highest good there is no point regretting over it. Gather every ounce of energy that is there inside you and do continue this journey as you are absolutely coming to the tail end and you will be soon rewarded by your guardian angels. Your guardian angels are helping your spiritual side to we can fully so that you can clearly see heavenly love. Gold and white are your lucky colors today.


♊ Gemini: Everything is happening exactly as it supposed to, with the hidden blessing you will soon understand. You definitely cannot see any relief in your relationships and you feel you are at a rock-bottom and you are going to any time snap at someone. This suppression is a bit much and you are wanting to break this pattern of life. I am going to suggest you to see this at a spiritual deeper level and understand how and why do you keep choosing these relationships which end up into this kind of passive aggressive narcissist experiences. Clearly there is some thing that you seek to learn from these relationships. First you understand that and then you set yourself free from such toxic connections. White is your lucky colour today.


♋ Cancer: Soft in your heart with respect to the situation, and all the people involved, including yourself. You sometimes feel very stuck and go in a self sympathetic place where your mind tells you that everyone is out there to put obstacles in your life. That isn’t true all the time so please you will have to let go of that feeling because it only increases and you need to understand that everyone in the world experiences acceptance and rejections. Because you’re a very sensitive zodiac you think about it 10 times more than actually what it is. You are on the masters plan and no matter how much you feel people are blocking your way to believe that you will get what is written in your destiny. Just keep working hard and keep moving forward in a very positive frame of mind and I see a massive reward coming your way very very soon. Black and red are your lucky colors today.


♌ Leo: Sometimes one struggles to trust someone because deep in your heart you believe that you are also not trustworthy. This is something you need to definitely take it with your own self as you time and again struggle to have 100% faith and trust in people around you. This kind of conditioning becomes your own block and doesn’t allow you to see beyond the illusion and you end up believing very superficial love which is definitely not real. Peace comes from remembering that only love is real and you must believe in your love and the love that you receive. Blue and pink are your lucky colors today.


♍ Virgo: It is a day of free will for all of you as you can decide to be a rebel without a cause or embrace harmony and peace in your life with your partner and your working space. You are definitely dipping in both energies throughout the day and I would definitely suggest you to choose peace. It is your zodiac month and you must trust and follow your renew passion in your love life and career. You’re feeling extremely passionate and that can be very overwhelming, so because of that reason you probably are confused in how you’re going to express yourself. Do understand that your passion is your journey and others may not feel the same kind of energy as you do. Be respectful of that as well. And do not expect too much out of them. Red and gold are your lucky colors today.


♎ Libra: Your zodiac is known to be the balancer and very few of people know that that is actually one of the biggest struggles that you feel internally. Yes in exterior you are the perfectly portrayed balancer but internally that is far from the reality. But it is time for you to be very gentle with yourself and surround yourself with gentle people situation and environment in order to find that balance at a deeper level. You may hear an extension in family very soon and the entire family will be very happy as a new member will be a breath of fresh air and children are definitely Angels on the planet. But to put some more attention in your work as I feel you’ve been procrastinating a few tasks or projects and you are very close to the completion. So put your energy on it right now so that you can celebrate later guilt free. light blue and purple are your lucky colors today.


♏ Scorpio: Take inventory of your life, and result to change or heal anything that is unbalanced. Every tree has to take responsibility to grow fruits on its branches. Similarly there has to be a time in life where we need to take responsibility for our career and our growth. You do have a lot of help and support around you as the cards show your lack of confidence and unnecessary burdens in your head. Try to take counseling from someone and take charge of your insecurity as I say you are morally very correct and you must be on the path of success. Take your chances and seize the day.Pista green and brown are your lucky colors today.


♐ Sagittarius: Your angels are opening the hearts of everyone involved. Arguments and conflicts are being resolved now. You are definitely a fire zodiac and a very knowledgeable zodiac and once you get into a disagreement or a fight you are full on in it and later you regret quite a bit as you are very compassionate also. And sometimes you are not very sure of how you are going to compromise or put an end to this messy feeling. But don’t you worry just give it some time and you will see how everyone in the world will feel differently and coexist beautifully. Arguments and conflicts are burdening you and you cannot concentrate on anything if you are in a conflict or misunderstanding. Hydrate yourself a lot and probably go for a walk to calm you down. Orange and black are your lucky colors today.


♑ Capricorn: The single ones of you are feeling very vulnerable today and seeking for a soulmate relationship, there is definitely a bright star in the sky today which is going to fulfill all your wishes and all you need to do is look up in the sky tonight and see the brightest star and make a wish and I promise you it will come true and very soon you will be with your spiritual soulmate. Have the courage and belief that you will find that person whom your soul is seeking for. Where your work is concerned I feel you are juggling too many things and that is making you physically and mentally so tired that you feel yourself very lonely and helpless. Take it easy and don’t feel the burden of the world on your shoulders. Learn to say no and don’t take more than you can handle. Green and yellow are your lucky colors today.


♒ Aqarius: The root of transformation is very tricky and everyone perceives it differently. But in your case let me clearly tell you that the transformation is always from within and self-awareness. And you are definitely in the circle of transformation hence the vulnerability that you feel. John’s formation is a process in which the awareness of your own self means understanding the good and bad both and you and replace and re-create the bad To the best.

It is a work of consciousness and Conciousness) should be always at the highest level. You are extra sensitive to energies and emotions right now honor yourself and your feelings. I see this period of transformation till end of October and you will be a brand new self created soul. Pink and silver are your lucky colors today.


♓ Pisces: I love your cards today, your angels bring you gifts from your creator. Open your arms to receive them. I think your celebrations are going to begin soon all you need to do is come out of this miser mindset. You are holding onto everything too tight whether it’s money, love, emotions or any form of abundance. Somewhere in your mind you feel it is very short-lived and you want to hold every piece of it. This is not going to be very healthy for you mentally and you will definitely not enjoy what the universe is providing you. So feel free and do believe if you have received all this that somewhere you have earned it and the creator has rewarded you with these experiences. pink and purple are your lucky colors today.

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