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♈ Aries: Simplify your life, when you live simply and let go of all that is not required you shed parts of you that don’t serve you anymore. there is no doubt about the knowledge and awareness that you have but still to live a humble life is definitely required for your leadership qualities. You have to compare your life to the past and you have to understand that you’ve come a long way and most of your obstacles are over, all you need is a slight push and the door will open up for you. You’re just not trying, And you don’t even have to try hard. All you need to do is just try. Focus on your highest priorities and your angels will help you get organized and motivated. Purple and gold are your lucky colors today.

♉ Taurus: Offer a red rose to a temple or a pilgrim today and see your problem Spanish. Serving your religion is sometimes serving the universe. No matter whatever belief system you are in today is the day where you kneel down and pray and this will clear all your karmic blockages so that the path is smoother and easier to follow. Keep a red rose on your bedside for a few nights and it will heal your thoughts throughout the night. Notice how the moon affects your energy and manifest and capitalize upon these cycles as we are heading towards the new moon and in spite of your cage being open you are in self-doubt and not flying. Blue and black are your lucky colors today.

♊ Gemini: Today is a bit of a tricky day as you are in a fix between a friend and probably a business partner. You cannot be a people pleaser today as you will have to take your stand. Be clear about what you desire and focus on it without a doubt. Have crystal clear intentions and even if that means you show a reality check to your friend go ahead and do it as it may be the highest good for your friend and for you. A friend to everybody is a friend to none. You need to understand that and be selective of your friends rather than the entire world to be your friend. Yellow and royal blue are your lucky colors today.

♋ Cancer: When you are amidst a conflicting situation, where does your focus go? Are you focusing on your weaknesses rather than your strength? You keep cursing and getting angry and get into a negative spiral feeling low. Every time you are stuck in a negative thought spiral, replace it with the creator's name. Keep doing it till you win over this thought and watch your life shifting for you. You can be one with the creator and your life purpose will be triggering a blessed career change. Don’t take too much work on yourself and micromanage everything for everyone around you as this takes away the joy from your life. Let go of the control and just be morally there for all your relationships. Green and brown are your lucky colors today.

♌ Leo: New roads will emerge, there will be dead ends and roadblocks in your journey and everything will look lost. You will feel that you have traded on the wrong path and there is no light at the end of the tunnel. At such times when your heart and mind are consumed by conflict remember that your guarding angel will open a part out of the very same web that you feel trapped in. He will show you the light and take you ahead. Your loved ones in heaven are doing fine. Let go of your worries and feel the loving blessings. Your ancestors in heaven are you guarding angels and they are protecting you against all over energies have complete faith that soon this disappointment and sorrow will be over and you will be on your new adventure of life. Indigo blue is your lucky color today.

♍ Virgo: You are a blessed child of the creator and whenever you feel obstructed by life’s hurdles and spend a sleepless night trying to find a solution in Vain, the creator with you will show you the brighter path. you have a special bond also with children. In particular, you can help children who are sensitive. These children are indigo and Crystal children and their energy vibrates at soul consciousness. So connect with those special children in any form and do some conscious work to help, heal and complete the journey. This is extremely important for the transformation that you are in. Black and green are your lucky colors today.

♎ Libra: Your prayers have been heard and answered, have faith. It is a day of victory and the final laugh for you. You have held your head high and you kept going with the flow today is the day you are shining as a bright star at your workplace as well as your home. Just be humble and have gratitude for the universe as the universe has got your back. All I see is that you are physically a bit exhausted and in spite of your victory you cannot feel that you have won something. It is purely because you feel drained in your body and it is very natural to feel that way once you go through some immense stress. Just relax and take it easy as in the next two days you are going to feel absolutely wonderful about yourself and your life. Orange and white are your lucky colors today.

♏ Scorpio: Whatever you like in life may it be love, money, green clothing, etc. you must donate. By giving you release your attachment to what you lack. Also, release the karma attached to it. Make donations from the part of your income for abundance to flow into your life. Donate what you wish to receive. today suddenly you may have a brilliant idea and it is divinely guided please take action and bring your idea to fruition. Due to this idea, you may postpone or delay your travel plans, which I think is a sensible thing to do. There are a lot of opportunities around you all you need is to be very grounded and m have a mindset of giving and receiving. Pink and Bage are your lucky colors today.

♐ Sagittarius: Remember who you are, you are a powerful, loving, and creative child of God. You are very loved and whenever you go into self-doubt you compromise your morals to receive attention and love from your friends and relatives. You need to put an end to this cycle because over and over again in spite of having such a clean heart and pure love you end up being guilty and sometimes manipulative. Be courageous and take the path of truth and integrity. You have very good friends around you and they truly love you and feel immense affection for you. You are the energy of the group and keep this energy very positive. Light blue and red are your lucky colors today.

♑ Capricorn: In moments of uncertainty, fear, and feeling lost, one must always turn to God for his guidance and grace. Faith in him can take you back to the right road and pave the way to clear the biggest hurdles. you have two cards today and it becomes a free will day for you where you can have the patterns of your past life of getting irritated and snappy at every little thing or you can decide to have a new vision and excepting people in your life for who they are very unconditionally. It is extremely difficult for you sometimes to accept that people in spite of taking your advice in guidance want to go a different way. It irritates you because you feel you know it all. Keep moving forward loving people unconditionally as this will be rewarded later by the creator, do you? Gold and yellow are your lucky colors today.

♒ Aqarius: We are all born into the world of illusion, often termed Maya. Hands to ascend higher and comes to terms with the real truth, it is important to have a guru or a teacher, who will guide you through this forest of illusion. Once the barrier of illusion breaks you are able to face the true nature of your soul, then the ultimate truth of the universe will be revealed to you. Your cards of guidance and awareness are the clear voice of your soul. This is what your soul wants today and is seeking some higher meaning and connection with the higher self. It is time for a guru to enter your life and soon you will recognize your guide. You need to clear your space as I see a lot of clutter around you and this is also somewhere blocking your mental space. light green and brown are your lucky colors today.

♓ Pisces: You find yourself in a very dark space today mentally as well as physically. It is purely because of heartbreak or disappointment in a very important relationship in your life. You will heal in time but the biggest and the best way to heal your soul is to start the journey from the body. Eat a healthful diet, get Adequate sleep, and exercise regularly for optimal health. listen to your inner voice as your intuition guides everybody around you and sometimes you fail to listen to your own gut and your very first feeling. Things are going to get better emotionally very very soon but your biggest blessing which is your health and your work seems very good and you can hold onto these two and cross this river of sorrow. Green and gold are your lucky colors today.

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