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♈ Aries: This experience to shall pass, today is a day where you are a rebel without a cause. You just don’t know what you are really upset about but you definitely know how to snap at everybody who comes in front of you today. Being a fire zodiac it is sometimes very difficult for you to keep your cool and calm. I am going to ask you to look within and deal with your own burdens at a very spiritual level. Notice the physical and emotional feelings inside of you as they are divine guidance. In this pain is your healing and in this darkness is your light hidden somewhere. You just have to find the solutions within yourself. Maroon and yellow are your lucky colors today.


♉ Taurus: In spite of a very big transformation and change in your life you are too stubborn to be in your old patterns and bust ways of dealing with things. You need to realize one thing that if you change you only change for your benefit and no one else will benefit out of it so do yourself a favor and this time try to do something outside the box. This anxiety that you feel is very momentary and somewhere deep within you you know that you have to take a very different approach especially in your work and business at this point in time. Learn to be more diplomatic and when I say that I don’t mean by being a people pleaser all I’m just saying is don’t offend people. Blue and white are your lucky colors today.


♊ Gemini: Trust and follow your renewed passion in your love life and career. I love this card where is the love life is definitely all with new energy and neutral but all my concern is for the people who are already in a relationship and might create a love triangle. I cannot tell you what you should and should not do because you are an adult and you know exactly what is right and wrong. My only concern is that this love triangle will put you in her guilty spot very soon and you will be caught before you even begin to enjoy this trail in your life. So be careful and try to hold these emotions back. Green is your lucky color today.


♋ Cancer: A day to micromanage every little detail of your life and everybody else is around you. You will feel very overwhelmed and emotional about the fact that you have to do a lot of things and juggle a lot of things all by yourself. Just be silent and have trust that you are a multitask person and the universe will help you with 1 million hands. A day of not only feeling low about how lonely you are but I want you to shift your perspective and actually analyze the day how a day is full of universal miracles and how things will be smoothly done for you without anyone helping or supporting. Just one condition and that is stay silent. Black and white are your lucky colors today.


♌ Leo: Oh my God you are actually counting every penny and you are being supremely foolish today. Just don’t do that you need to spend where you need to spend, it is as simple as that. Cutting corners is not going to solve your problem it is actually going to make you look like a massive miser and totally out of balance. What do you need to cut down is your extra spendings and unnecessarily pleasing friends to hear those hollow praises. You really really need to today get a bit of a reality check and balance your relationship with money. Everything is how it needs to be right now. Look past illusion, and see underlining order. Gold and pink are your lucky colors today.


♍ Virgo: A day to spend time with children, if you have children of your own then that’s great or cousins or nieces and nephews. But children are definitely your healers today and that is definitely a masters plan. I like the way you are in your zodiac month as I see a lot of control and a deep understanding of the divine plan and your plan of getting healed and then healing many around you. Your zodiac is a very spiritual zodiac and that is why you people have very detached emotion towards everything and that makes your love very pure. Detachment is the key for unconditional love. Green and silver are your lucky colors today.


♎ Libra: You need to watch your Health today. You feel slightly low in energy and probably doubt that you have been in contact with somebody with the virus. Don’t get paranoid just get yourself tested and Move on. If at all your positive quarantine yourself otherwise just take rest and keep yourself hydrated. But definitely you are low physically and probably slightly feverish also. Besides that you are safe and so are your loved ones. Apparently a lot of socializing has put you in this situation and maybe it is it a good way to take some rest. After all there’s a silver lining to everything. On that note silver is your lucky color today.


♏ Scorpio: You want to move forward and you have a lot of new vision in your head. You are wanting to meet a lot of new people and bring a of different participations on the table, but you know what the problem is (A) you are not aware of how you’re going to execute your plan and (B) your mind space is very cluttered. You don’t have clarity and awareness. You want to do too many things at the same point and you feel you can execute all of them in the same very minute. This is not going to be OK, take a sabbatical for a week clear your space physically and your mental space also to get some clarity. Tiffany blue is your lucky color today.


♐ Sagittarius: You are really wishing for a miracle in this festive season and I promise you in the next 10 days you are going to have a big breakthrough for sure. You’ve been a victim of a lot of politics of lately and that politician all the Backstabber of your life will be exposed extremely soon. So just sit back relax and watch how do universe unfolds the entire drama in front of your eyes. You will have the final laugh my friend and I promise you that. All you need to do is you make sure you don’t repeat your past mistakes because Karma also always comes back when you gossip about someone or create politics against someone someday you will also be a victim of it. So what you don’t want to attract in your life make sure you don’t put it out there in the universe. Burgundy red and brown are your lucky colors today.


♑ Capricorn: You are feeling a little low today as you are missing your ex lover or ex partner. And you are living in hope one day they will be a miracle and that person will realize a worthless life without you and will be back in your life. Let me tell you it’s a dream and you must wake up and let go of this toxic self punished desire of yours. Almost 8,000,000,000 people on this planet and I promise you you can do better than this. Remember who you are, you are a powerful loving and creative child of God. You are very loved and you will receive a lot of love in your life which you are worthy of. mustard and black are your lucky colors today.


♒ Aqarius: If you want to start a new venture or a new business as soon as possible but I’m going to ask you to wait. Give it another two months to start anything new as you still have a lot of conditioning to work on. You’re very sensitive sometimes and for business one needs to be slightly thick skin unpractical. One has to suppress the ego and have a bigger threshold for criticism. Excepting your wrong or your delegating your business is wrong is not going to be received very well by you. And trust me once you go out there doing your work people have their opinions and you just have to learn to filter them and not take it to your heart or in your case Your EGO. So as I said give yourself two months and become thick skin. Green is your lucky color today.


♓ Pisces: Today is a day of a massive breakthrough for you. Your life purpose is triggering to a blessed career change. In your cards I see integration, creator, and massive abundance. Do not hold back your self at all and today is a day where you literally plant the seed of miracles in your life. The cycle has changed and now it is time for you to get your rewards and your words. I am very happy to see your cards as you are an extremely giving and healing zodiac who often gets pushed back by very strong energies. Your kind heart is often taken as your weakness and that is so not true. You are extremely strong and you can create Anything that you like in your life. Yellow and orange are your lucky colors today.

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