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Since yesterday am having very bad pain while feeding on left side. When I checked and found a white colour dot size just at the centre of nipple. Whenever I feed I feel like crying. My mother in law told that a gland must be opening now that's why it's paining a lot. Pl help!

It could be a nipple sore. Apply some breast milk on it and leave it open for sometime. Do that repeatedly every 2 to 3 hours. If it doesn't settle or the pain doesn't subside visit an expert to seek help.

As per advise by Dr Riddhi - Prenatal & Lactation
White dots on the nipple if seen on the baby s mouth and gums as well - it can be a thrush . & in that case , first check the latch. If u r complaining of pain or crying while feeding , the baby is only may be feeding on the nipple .
If the thrush is seen on baby's gums then , please visit a paediatrician to get it checked

there is remedy for blocked nipples or breast full of milk bt cudnt come out n its creats helling pain .dat remedy is told by my nani so its jus a old wives lil totka

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