POST: How to Give bath to ur lil one in winters!
I thought to write this post as when I came to visit my parents in Lucknow after 9 months of my delivery in Mumbai,giving bath to my lil was not a smooth sail.
My baby who loved playing in water as I bathed him and had great time as i poured water on him in Mumbai was scared of bathing in Lucknow.
He was excited for the bath as usual but soon on the first day itself he showed signs of discomfort...
I checked water temperature and it was I cudnt understand the reason.
That afternoon after I took bath i realized following points to be taken care of when giving bath to baby in winters..
1.Ensure you have sufficient warm water to give bath to baby so that there is no waiting time and you can finish quickly.
2. There should not be any air coming in the bathroom.So,keep the door and ventilation window closed till baby is taking bath.
3.Keep clothes and all essentials items like moisturizer etc ready before bath.
4.Baby bodywash and shampoo are usually in liquid form,which becomes cold in bathroom and baby feels uncomfortable when applied.So,warm it a bit by diluting in warm water or keep the bottle in warm water in a mug for time before application.
5.After bath,dont bring the baby out for drying.Keep towel ready inside the bathroom and bring baby out wrapped in towel,only after nice drying him.
6.Keep the temperature of room warm by keeping blower or heater in room,so that there no drastic change in babies body temperature.
7.After bath ,ensure that baby is wearing adequate warm clothes and ears are well covered.
Also, its not neccessary to give daily baths to baby in winters.Bathing alternate days or once after two days is also ok. Keep baby clean by wiping with warm towel is good option when not giving bath.
Happy Winters to you and baby :)
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This is so amazing.. thank u so much shreya.. It's a big help for me. I live in the coldest region

nancy singh
I know giving bath in that temperature must b really really difficult!

Wow. This is just in time and much needed. I'm also giving her wet towel wipes sometimes in place of bath and also sometimes skip bathing's too cold here and yes when i apply the liquid shampoo nd baody wash to her she feels cold so thanks for sharing this tip of keeping them in warm water😊
each point is important.

Shreya this is superb!!!

Priya Iyer Neha Agarwal Khushboo Chouhan must go thru this!

Pooja singh malasi
Thnks ..
Glad u found this helpful :)
asha chaudhry Thanks :)
Hope this will help some!

That's amazing...'s not much cold in Mumbai but planning to go to hometown next month...this is going to be helpful!!!

Following almost the same... Well written...

Shruti Giri
Oh i m sure this wil help in ur hometown :)
Sonam patel; Thats superb..n means ..i hv covered most points :)

And my mamma lives in lko. I've done my whole schooling then college nd marriage from lko only😊 where is ur home in lko? And one of my hubby's close frnd lives in mumbai whose parents live in lko. So I'm connected to both lko nd mumbai hahaha
I've heard that mumbai is never cold nor too hot that's the reason ur lo felt uneasy while having bath there as lko goes too hot in summers nd too cold in winters..isnt it?

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