#motherhoodunplugged #DiaperingYourBaby - A mother's experience:-

Being a first time mom brings with it a lot of joy as well as anxiety. Motherhood is the greatest as well as the hardest thing. Mom wants to do the best for her child.

We come across questions regarding the usage of diaper everyday and I want to share few of my tried and tested hacks.

My child was born in winters and was a premie with several complications... I was strictly told to prevent him from catching cough and cold. So cloth nappies was not at in scene for me. So, I tried few diapers, nappies and found out the best way to make my baby wear diaper all day.

So, at first let me tell you about different types of diapers I tried.

1- cloth nappies(langot) which we use regularly at home.

2- Disposable diapers

3- Cloth diapers( some of the well known brands here are Superbottoms and bum berry)

4- Nappy pads which can be sticked to normal cloth nappy and used.

The question which comes almost everyday is- Can we make our baby wear diaper 24 hours?

I would say yes you can if you take proper care else baby will have to suffer. In the beginning it's very tiring for moms so, what can you do is use cloth diapers or nappy pads during the day time. And disposable diaper during the night time.; This way there will be very less chance of rashes and baby will remain dry the whole day.

What are the precautions to be taken?

1- No matter you use a nappy pad or cloth diaper or disposable one...change diaper every 4 hours and just after the baby poops.

2- You can apply a thin film of petroleum jelly while changing diapers to be on the safer side.

3- Give diaper free time too. What I follow is I give diaper free time after massage in the morning till the baby baths. And during the evening too after massage. Use a changing sheet to protect your bed from getting wet and you are done.

4- Always wash hands after you change the diapers to prevent infections.

5- If you have a baby boy there can be chances of leaking while using nappy pads or cloth diapers. So better to adjust the boy thing when you make the baby wear diaper. #HappyDiapering .

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Bookmarked sonam! Diaper karma ur way!!! Thnx so much for this!!!

Priya Iyer Neha Agarwal chk this out!

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Which cloth diaper do you prefer Sonam?
For my lo I use libero diapers but want to move to cloth diapers. Pls advise

Waooo this is super; awesome Sonam patel . Thankyou Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa and asha chaudhry for the tag

Satyam Sharma pls also read 3 Types of Cloth Diapers: as Shared by MomStar Neha

Satyam Sharma Disposable or Cloth Diapers for your Baby? Or just Nappies? - Figure out for yourself!

Awesome you are @asha Didi :) thank you

Wonderful! Already bookmarked!!! Thanks asha chaudhry for the tag 😗

Great info....; All doubts cleared.. Thanks Sonam patel for this post.. N asha chaudhry for d tag.. .; ☺️

Superb post; sonam... lots of love your way


Satyam Sharma; I used Superbottoms.
One drawback of cloth diaper is the; insert pads take too much of time to dry.During winters it might be hectic for you as we don't have much sunlight. You can get extra inserts for this.

Very helpful Sonam, thanks for sharing

So helpful

This is so useful..thanks

This is so useful..thanks

Ahhhh.... This one is much needed information for me.... I was so confused with this daipering thing... Now all my doubts got cleared... Thank you Sonam patel 😘 for sharing this post... N thank you
Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa; for the tag

Insightful ☺

This is just in time. I am so confused between diff types of diappering . Still; Have a doubt, what is nappy pad? How it varies from other diapers

Shruti Giri nancy singh

Informative for new mom's 👍

Thankyou so much sonam. Sneha Khandait Deshmukh remember we were confused with cloth nappy. .. 😊

Merline Joffy;; its cotton pads which are to be sticked on the cloth nappy and used.; Acha wait in will text you. And share the process.

😀😀😀 yes Rebecca ...i was searching; a lot about this from last few days but was unsatisfied n confused with the outputs...; But now sonam cleared all the doubts 😍

This is so useful... Anchal Talwar

Glad that you found it helpful... Thanks a lot everyone.

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Tq for tag asha chaudhry..

Very useful. Thanku Sonam and asha for tagging

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Bookmarked. Had a word with wonder gal Sonam asked well.; Decided to use nappy pads under the langots that I've already been using

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