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I am not so innovative; with the stuff related to cooking but as I am done with the exams for a while, we thought of doing something different today!!
We made tutty fruity today!! And the experiment turned out to be good!!!
Here is the quick recipe :
1. Raw papaya
2. Sugar
3. Water
4. Bitroot(for color)
5. Palak(for color)
6. Elaichi powder
1. Keep one glass of water for boiling.
2. After it starts boiling add little less than one glass of sugar.
3. Keep boiling till it becomes little sticky and check for one string consistency.
4. Add elaichi powder in it.
1. I preferred making some food coloring at home only.
2. For red, obviously I have used bitroot.
3. Boil it till it becomes soft.
4. After, grind it into a puree. Use muslin cloth to extract the juice.
5. For green , I have used palak.
6. Similar to bitroot, boil it , grind it and use muslin cloth to extract the juice.
7. For yellow, pinch of turmeric should work.
1. Cut the papaya.
2. Peel off the skin and remove seeds.
3. Cut the papaya in smaller shapes or different molds you have or simply cut the papaya into small cubes.
4. Meanwhile, keep water for boiling... After it starts boiling, add cut papaya in it and let it boil for 5-10 minutes.
5. Switch off the gas and keep the papaya pieces in boilings water as; it is for a while!!
6. After an hour or so, add these papaya Cubs in the sugar syrup. Let it boil again.
7. Let it boil till the syrup becomes sticky and a papaya cubes becomes transparent
8. Now it's time to add some colors!!; Add the bitroot juice and palak juice in different vessels and add some of tutti fruity with sugar syrup in it.
9. Keep it overnight.
10. After 24 hours, take the cubes out and strain it properly.properly. spread those papaya cubes over a wire net placed on top of a plate.
11.; Let them dry till the stickiness is totally absorbed.
12. Store tutti fruity in an airtight container and use whenever needed.

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asha chaudhry Priya Sood Priya Iyer

Hey shruti awesome, are you a mind reader, Aajach Aai mhanat hoti ki Chal aapan tuti fruty banavu, as we have papaya tree at our home, so lots of raw papaya is their but me Bolle Aaj nako nantar banavu

This is awesome stuff Shruti Giri ...seriously!!

Vry innovative...

Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa Dr. Payal M; Dr.Dhanya Prajesh Dr. Farah Adam Sheeba Vijesh Sheeba Rizvi Richa Chowdhary Roopashree Siddireddy Mamta Washist Nisha Dayal Sumira Bhatia Sonam patel Neha Agarwal Neha Sharma Ujjwal Mishra(SuperMommy) Rebecca Prakash nancy singh Shiny Vincent Priyanka Maheshwari Niveditha Rambhajan Kamalini Rao Parul Johari Kritika Lall Sakshi Mahajan @Prachi

Yogini Kandre 😂😂😂; Actually the thing was...I mistakenly bought raw papaya instead of riped one....!!!

Kartik Kujur; thanks ☺

Wow... This seems so intresting...

So can we expect a fruit cake from you?;

Wow; very healthy

Rebecca Prakash haha.... Will learn for you!!! 😋

Sonam patel and easy also... try it....☺

thaseen zoya thanks!! ☺

Oh my god!! Healthy tutti fruti!! Who would have thought!
Send me some na😁😁

Dr. Payal M 👐👐 send me also Shruti Giri,,,, no time to sleep only.. you just do more and send us plsss.. lovely recipe 😘

Wow.. I remember eating them as a child. Amazing will try

This is awesome Shruti, I will definitely try this. ❤

Awesome!!!! Very interesting shruti!

wah wah.... you never cease to amaze yaar... want to try this!

Awesome; soul; sister

Wow 👌 I like it V.much 😋

wow..  awesome..  so colorful..  definitely will give a try..

Shruti Giri , u r a super chef...
Chef Shruti giri 💘
Bookmarked this.. will definitely try

Thanks for the tag dear but Please don't tag me in sweet dishes yaar 😣 I have a very sweet tooth and I am unable to have any sort of sweet in my pregnancy 😐 I go crazy by even reading the recipe 😶

Dr. Payal M Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa; hehe... Would love to send ..give me your addresses..!!

Ujjwal Mishra(SuperMommy); haha...me too...;; Please do it's very easy!!

Neha Sharma thanks n do try!

Sheeba Vijesh hehe...inspired by you..😍😍
Try it!!

Asha Chaudhary thanks di😍
nancy singh yo sista!!!!

Sowmya Prithvi (sonu); thanks dear. Girija Lokanadham; thanks you so much!
Kamalini Rao please try and let me know...I have also tried it for the first time

Ohhh wow its really amazing haven't thought about that...thanks dearest 😍😍😍will gonna try very soon...bookmarked

Very good job dear.👍👍👍👍

Sheeba Rizvi; Sakshi Mahajan; 😍😍😍 thanks!

This is sooooo yummm... i loveeee tutti frutiiiii.... n i never knew its made of papaya

Kritika Lall; awww... I am so sorry kritika...why? Doctor told you not to have??

Priyanka Maheshwari; oh receipe queen you are!!; Try it n tell me...btw our tomorrow's breakfast is American cheese corn sandwich!!! I am sure it's going to be yummilicious!!! 😍

Yeah shruti..my sugar was high in 1st month test..after quitting it it has come to normal..

@shrutigiri... do tell me whether ur family liked it...

Wow...tutty fruity i loved

Parul Johari

Thankyou Shruti Giri

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