Hi my 14mnths kid was suffering from cold n cough 15days once...if I consult doctor he gvs medicine if I put it vl stop...if once I stop gvng medicine again it vl cm ...plz anybdy suggest me wt hv 2 do

Hi. Did you check specific allergies to specific foods including milk or anything else that you are giving? Also is he taking all nutrition he needs to for his age?

Tip. try giving him lots of fruits which will help build his immunity . eg. Orange, mosambi, banana

give him ajwain kaa sek immediately after his it atleast for a month n c the does not have side effects n works wonders for me

As advised by Babychakra expert Dr Aarushi Upadhyay.

Children don't have much immunity , n giving medicines every 15 days Wil spoil immunity further.
I suggest try homoeopathy immunity medication
Once that improves falling sick Wil decrease to a gr8 extent

yaa...even that's a gud idea of my cousin did the same for her he is perfectly okay

ajwain ka sek means

make ajwain ki potli n keep that cloth potli on a hot tawa. as the potli will b bit hot ..put that potli on a covered chest of baby. cover ur baby's chest with soft muslin works for me hope it works for u as wel

Ajawain ka sek means I dont knw...bcoz im a nt understanding plz tell me

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