hello everyone, my have cmpltd 4 month now,he is on fm since birth bcz of my low supply of bf,the main problem is since 2 mnths my baby doesn't want to take FM,I forcefully feed him,in very 2 to 3 hrs,in a day he only taking 600 ml FM WO v forcefully, he is crying lyk anything whnevr I feed to deal wid it plz share

M giving u dadi wala nuska...I hope it works...that's wat my aunt did to their lil ones n they all r very's a personal experience as such...formula milk for some kids don't work as wat is expected n if ur baby has a taste of bf then he wud never like to b feed on formula milk...anyways if it's ur 4 th month n ur baby is ready for outside food ...make him drink mung daal purie , rice water in a very small quantity ..may b just one teaspoon of mung daal purie mixed wit formula milk that he wud like to drink FM.

but b4 u give ol this make sure ur baby is ready to digest new things apart from FM...

Signs of readiness for solid food

Whether your baby is breast-fed or bottle-fed, there's no rush to start solids. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that babies be exclusively breastfed for about 6 months. If you'd like to introduce solids earlier than that, keep in mind that your baby probably won't show all these signs of readiness – they're just clues to watch for:

Can hold head up
Sits well in highchair
Makes chewing motions
Shows significant weight gain (doubled birth weight) and weighs at least 13 pounds
Shows interest in food
Can close mouth aroun

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Hi. Since your kid is 4 months old you can start introducing porridge or veg puree or fruit puree. I started porridge for both my kids at this age. Maybe if you alternate the feed with formula milk and other solid food the baby may have formula milk without a fuss. I started with rice powder porridge. I roasted rice and then ground it to nice powder. Every day I took 1/2 spoons of powder and cooked it with water. Took it off the gas when it was like puree and once it was luke warm fed with the spoon. For slight taste I added very little black jaggery.

a big thank u to all there...

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