How My Mom And Elder Sister Explained About MENSTRUATION!!!???
Well so many mothers think how to explain this topic to their beloved kids (i think we should explain to both genders, no matter boy or girl), but after thinking lot i just remembered how my mom and my sister helped me in this. Well, i would follow this with my kiddo too!!!
Seriously, it is not one day session, my mom took sooo many days to explain each thing very elaborately and she was knowing that how much should be explained at one moment with a small conversations. And, yes she cleared my all doubts too!!! I got to know about this when i was between 10 to 11 years of age.. And i got my first periods 14years, and between that gap i had good time to know more about this sensitive things, i still remember how i helped my friends who was heavily bleeding, how i used to help my sis who had very bad cramps during cycles etc etc.
I was raised in a completely liberal environment thanks to my;wonderful parents;and their numerous encounters with culturally different people and geographic locations. To top it all, I have grown up being independent and fearless.
My mother and sister taught me to love myself and my monthly periods, and thus, out of my personal experiences, here are a few lessons, which I intend to;teach my kiddo as well-
1) Don't ever feel that getting periods is your own fault, It is a natural process and happens with every women.
2) Don't ever feel low or depressed because of PMS or cramps or heavy bleeds- just give a positive touch to that, remember these periods are boon to you and you are fertile to have a family!!!
3) Stop claiming yourself that you behave weird during periods, just claim and dump your weirdness on those HORMONES!!
4) Never ever stop yourself to rest during cycles, just give as it is reason and take a good rest.. no need to lie!!
5) Never feel shy if your dress get stained, no matter infront of anyone or none. Just excuse yourself with bold manner.. it is not your fault that you are working while bleeding!!
6) Be bold to ask sanitary pads in store, dont ever look down, just give eye to eye contact and command them to get things
7) Don't stop yourself to do prayers or to enter temples etc, your bleeding is nothing to do with this, if you want to pray just go ahead, dont listen what others say!!
8) Never ever stop yourself to perform any physical activities like sports gym etc, if you are comfortable then please go ahead
9) Only thing to take care is PERSONAL HYGIENE, yes please take good care and hygiene to stop youself getting infected.
10) Eat and Drink right during cycles. More fruits and fluids helps to hydrate youself and helps to cope up bad cramps.. Dont forget CHOCOLATES!!!
My mom always advised both of us, BE PROUD TO BE WOMEN BECAUSE MEN ARE NOT BLESSED WITH SUCH NATURE'S BEAUTY 😁 #gynecaffairs ; #hapazardmind

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Wow...well said 👏 I always blamed y every time only women's should suffer for everything. Yes V r blessed with nature's beauty 👍 Thanks for sharing!!😘

Glad you liked the view Sowmya Prithvi (sonu) 😊

Omg.. how well u ellaborate.. such a lovely nd nedded post. I remember my days. I felt shy of buying sanitary pads from store for me. Nd u wont believe the first time i purchased sanitary pads for me was after my marriage😁 before that used to say my mom to buy it for me. Nd i kept those in stocks when i was staying in hostel😂 omg how i was😝

Thnks for sharing such an lovely post Dr shilpitha, proud to be a women ☺️

manvi bhandari; i expect you to change this shyness to boldness while teaching our kiddo NAVYA 😊,,, glad you like it..

Yes dear.. it was changed after my baby😊 nd much motivated after your post. Thank u😘

thaseen zoya yup 👏 proud to be women!!!

Such a lovely post... u kw... when i hv to work n travel during periods i sooooo blame myself that y am i a girl.. at times, y did god only give us such pains...
Yes, i m proud to be a womwn but somehow in those days i forget this.

Priyanka Maheshwari yeah i can understand that feel,,, whenever i feel low at that time i just give a call to some strong ladies in my life- my mom or mil or sis.. they always make me feel awesome :))


Wow very well said , nice post

Thanx much Amreen 😊

Thank you so much Devika Gupta; 😊

Bang bang Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa
U rock again 💕

Wow bang on Dr. Shilpitha, beautifully explained, me too boldly asking for pads in stores and etc. When the gives me black bag or paper to wrap I say it's okay I don't want, even I send my husband too to buy pads,; my mom always says that don't send him,; and I am like why 😡, and doing pooja and all and going in temples also,; nice one thank you

Thanx much Kamalini Rao 😊

Wow thats awesome!!! Please continue to do these 😁 Yogini Kandre

Such an explanation.. well said.. yes ..we proud to be women in this way also.. I used to feel shy at my childhood.. now im almost like what u said.. but how to educate our boys in well mannered way.. Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa

Thank you Swati Varma 😊
For boys- it is never a one day session, we should unwind the things with small conversations and small sessions, may be it will take months to years.. but one thing is, boys should be always explained that dont ever laugh or pass comments/taunts when you see stained dress of a girl.. it is bad manner..

What a encouraging article dear.... I was also shy at my schooltime.... But now im not.... I also make our kiddo to bold .... Really its a natures... beauty why old people dont understand... Deny to go to temple, pooja etc...nice article...

Thank you so much richa mishra glad you liked the view :))

Wow Dr Shilpitha
Thanks for t article
My elder daughter is going to be 10 and I was thinking how to explain this to her. This is right on time for me

superb post dear... true even boys should be told about it....

HIMANI JETHANI glad will help you :)) i know you will guide her better!!!!

Sheeba Vijesh thanx much dear :)) yes, they should actually know and respect the natural process 😊

Shipra Dang Kataria

Thanks for sharing...

Superb!! I didnt get a notification fr this post ya!

He he thats okay!!
thank you 😊 Dr. Payal M

Brilliant brilliant post! Standing ovation! Have bookmarked! Priya Iyer

Thanx a lot!!!! asha chaudhry

Indeed very nicely written every point @

Thanx much :) Parul Johari

; Great post

Thank you Manni Sandhu

Very well said

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