baby food not taking inside 1 yr old baby, pls help urgent. vadakkam

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What exactly is the issue the baby is facing? what kind of food are you giving? Is this first time this is happening? Is baby suffering from some ailment? Is this first time you are facing this issue? Could be that baby's tummy is full?

Hello! Babies are very picky and moody eaters. Do not stress over occassional refusal. It's more important to study a trend which is accompanying this like passing of stool, crankiness etc. If baby is active and normal and doesnt wish to eat try your best to change the mood, play games and music, read a story or prepare a new dish. Check out the recipe section under Articles. If baby continues to refuse to eat, it can also be teething. Best is to closely monitor for uneasiness. If you feel baby is unwell or has discomfort visit your doctor.

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