Hi my daughter is six yrs old. her hair is very thin. and every time I comb a hair a lot of hair is falling. what should I do. I am really worried. they are not growing in length also

Hi Jaspreet. It is better to show to the doctor to see if any treatment is required. As a thumb rule for hair growth oil massage and a good balanced diet work well.

Hi Jaspreet, advise you to show to a doctor to ascertain reasons for hair fall. The remedy should be be in line with diagnosis rather than trying to use remedies without knowing root cause.

apart thn that u can side by side use coconut oil with caster oil ( 4th part ), after long time it will help u for thicker n better hair. falling is normal if it's 50 to 70 per day as that's a growth cycle of hair. healthy eating habit is must...

any shampoo u can suggest

Schwarzkopf kids shampoo is nice and useful

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