my one month old baby girl didn't pooped from last two days, she is not crying, not fussy. before she used to poop more than 3times :-o. she is only on Bm, I m worried about her! can u help,

its normal pattern of babies as they grow.if your little one taking her feeding properly and pass urine 5/6 times a day and having her daily activities normal then nothing to worry.

if she not crying not fussy along with if she takes her feeding normally, pass urine 6/7times aday then its normal.becoz as babies grow its normal not to pass stool for 2days.if it stretch more than that or any painfull crying then consult paediatrician soon.

All signs seem to be normal. Then in that case do not fret. Their schedules will change.

its completely normal and nothing to worry about.if the baby doesn't poop for more than 3 days,consult ur paediatrician for medications or u can simply cut a small piece from her bathing soap n place it in her anal area....this will cause some irritation n she will surely start pooping....

Anjana Rahul!!! r u sure?it will not harm her?

you having spicy food, your baby will pooping

its normal... bt if baby doesn't poop more than 3 days then try 'anjana rahul' formula... its very safe... don't worry

nop it won't...

I've tried dis for my daughter as my gynec suggested....but do it only if baby doesn't poo for more than 3 days....

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