Hi all.I am keenly interested to know that if a mother undergoes little or more depression then is that going to hamper 'feeding baby of around 1 month' and to which extent.

good question! the state of sleeplessness is what every mother goes through. sleeplessness can cause depression,moreover the pregnancy hormones may still be present in the body up to the extend of up to 4 months n this may also result in mood fluctuations like anger,extreme sorrow,tension for silly matters etc....
feeding a one month baby is a real concern coz u have to wake up at night in every 2 hrs to feed the baby....sacrifice ur sleep fr d baby up to 3 months coz it may wakeup n cry every 2 hrs in order to be fed....its quite common....

stay calm and be patient..this is a very natural tendency.
try to remain positive as your positivity will help your baby too.
everyone of us have problems...dealing with them is much more challenging especially after delivery but we as mothers have to come out strong as we have to bring up our baby

Neha first of all welcome to Babychakra. you have a community of moms to help u here. First of all let me begin by saying you are not in it alone. Many new moms go through this. Key is to surround yourself with people who give you positive advise, network of moms like here on Babychakra, seek counseling , eat healthy , try to be happy, think happy thoughts, don't beat yourself up, listen to soothing music , spend silent time meditating, most important eat right and nutritious food. shout out to us for any help anytime. happy to speak to you one on one too! Refer to this article for more information.

Hello!!! Motherhood is full of ups and downs. The key is to stay positive, plenty of rest and prioritising what makes you feel happy as well. Motherhood need not be about sacrifice. You can enjoy your baby, love your baby and love yourself too. Stay in touch with us.

Yes it hampers baby

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