I want to ask my son is 3 n half yr he do mischief too much how I handle him I can't even hit him if I do he get angry n start more mischief

Hi Ruchita. It is really tough to handle growing kids in terms of behavior and discipline. There are many articles from experts on this too. One such article is this

Hi Ruchita. Indeed tough to deal with kids who are growing, learning new things, experimenting etc. It is indeed an art to deal with the tantrums and learn how to channels a child's development the way you want it to be. Here are some tips to deal with tantrums.

hi Guys,have just joined in...mi son is 5 months old..need to know wat kind of toys shud I buy for him..till date he is playing with rattles...but now he is not that happi with the ratlles...I have just made him listen to rhymes ,to which he is happi too...if you can suggest sum gud toys, wud help...

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