hey. moms .

anyone wants to reduce ur weight aftrr delivery..then tell me.. i vl help

s I want to reduce my belly first please help me

yes I also want to reduce my belly fat bt my delivery is nt normal it's c section

I've gained a lot of weight post delivery ... I really want to get back on shape. ..

i also wanna reduce belly fat

yes me to..I had to opt for c sec..plz lemme know how can u do it??

yes me too... kindly helo

aree jisne pucha uska koi jawab nahi b

hii plzz watsapp me
i vl tell u 9811612335
i lost 15 kg aftdr c section
nd also share my xperience with u

so lame. just write it here already. why whatsapp.

yes I want...but schedule is very tight as I m a working women n does all household work too

y on wats app??

bcoz very difficult to reply on comments ... but i can xplain u here if u want

we provide a combo pack of shakes nd d tox..
good for bf moms nf improve the quality of bf.
no side effects
its a course of 3 months .
in 3 months u can reduce 20 kg

how much u want to reduce?

15 to 20 k.g

in one month u can reduce 5-7 kg
in two months 10-12 kg
in three months 15-20 kg

for this festive month
first month 3100
second month 3100
third month 2700

I also want to reduce my belly

i already give al details about products ..if anyone want to more information then plzz watsapp me..9811612335

I have reduced but my belly is not getting reduced

vishnu watsapp me

I want to reduce weight & fat loss as I had gone through c section now before 45 days & want to reduce 25-30 kg as I have hypothyroidism & spondylitis problem also so plz suggest me how to reduce as I do breastfeeding also is it affect my baby boy

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