plz tell me is 600 ml fm is sufficient for 4.5 mnths old bay?

she doesn't need 600 ml....juz 150 ml will do but be sure to add atleast 5 Scoopful of formula powder n sugar to taste....

hi mayuri... since my baby is also on formula feed,, i searched how to calculate... there is a way to calculate formula feed, kindly follow tat... if powder is more, baby wil get constipation, if less powder, baby wont get enough nutrients... so mix exactly what is told on that instruction...and the way to calculate the exact amount is 2.5 ounces per pound of baby weight... the end result is for 24 hours... if ur baby is talking 10 feeds per day, divide the result with 10... the answer the amount needed per feed...

Hi mayuri. any reason why u giving formula to your child at this stage ?

Hi Mayuri. Do follow the instructions carefully on the box of the formula. Especially in terms of how to prepare the formula.

hi Neha..just bcz my milk production in not enough for my baby that's why m giving fm

mayuri,feeding her more can help produce more breastfeeding n u shud also have shatavari powder wit helps in producing more milk

hi Anjana , m having galact and zandu satavari BT m not lacting that much,since his birth m feeding him ,BT as I told m not lacting that much I hv to gv him FM..and he dsnt lyk it at all,

There is instructions on the pack of fm. please follow it properly. normally its 1 scoop for 30 ml.

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