my baby not sleeping at night n crying continusly..what to do

Hi Priya. Can you give more details? The baby may have gas. Pls do ensure baby is adequately burped after every feed.

ya everyday I did it

BT every night he does d same thing

hii I've been having the same situation dear....its wat most mothers face BTW how old is ur baby? my baby NVR slpt at night and alws cried till the time she compltd 3 months....I also nvr had tym to slp...parenting is never an easy task,we've to sacrifice our sleep and time for baby....

does she sleep most of the time during daytime? does she have constipation? how many months old is she?

Priya, it is not necessary always to burp the child, if they do its a bonus and very good. Even if you hold your child upright post feeding for some time , that's good enough.

How old is ur baby pl

it seems that he feels irritation at night

bcoz sabko hath Se khichta hai Marta hai

usko gas ho sakta hai give her colicaid drops

and dabur janam ghutti

i also gave my son who is one month 10 days old

It may be gas. Give colicaid. If problem still persist try hing ka pani. take 1 pinch hing in a spoon add water warm it lil and dab a cotton in this water and apply on the tummy then put that cotton on the navel of baby. It helps. by the way too young kids might cry in the night. try some lullaby if u think it's not gas. keep her feeding her accurately.

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