I want to ask that I have given birth to baby boy on 15 Oct through lscs. Now m facing problem in feeding my baby

Hi Anchal. Feeding at times initially is diffucult and painful. Can you provide more details on what exactly is the issue? Is the baby latching? You can find many informative articles on BabyChakra.

the exact problem m facing is baby is not able to take milk from left side as milk is not coming. so I have to feed baby on Ryt side

hi one side always less milk is secreted but you do have to feed the baby from that side to enhance the milk production! more baby latches, more milk will be produced by your baby as it ll give signal to the body to produce more milk!
breastfeeding is a difficult task atleast for first timers!

plz tell what deit should I take after post operative and to increase milk secretion as well

u can take Lactare capsules..they r safe to increase milk secetion

plus add peas green matar in ur diet with white cumin seeds

u can just follow simple steps like havin milk thrice, buttermilk,jeera,methi seeds as well as leaves, khus khus kher 1 bowl, sabudana khichdi or kher and loads of fluids!

try to rest whenever possible, keep the baby wit you most of the time, more you see the baby more hormones will be secreted which ll help in milk production

have a glass of water Everytime before feeding

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