My baby is only 20 days old. He has a gas problem. And I think sometimes he has a little stomachache. What can I do for him? Please advise....


Dissolve a pinch of asafoetida powder in 2 table spoon warm water and apply it around the baby’s navel anti clockwise. 

infants boil 1 teaspoon aniseeds in one litre of water till it is reduced to half. Cool the decoction and give it to the baby 2-3 times during the day.

you can give him a paste prepared from haritaki means harad and jaiphal means nutmeg. quantity of harad shud b double than jaiphal. for an infant u can rub it on a little chakla for 15:7 ratio

give colic acid syrup or colimax BT chk kitney ml lagengey carton pr

Colic aid is a very good medicine for infants my paed highly recommends it

Thanks for your advises..

Neopeptine Syrup. Also give a lot of Tummy Time to the little one.

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