Motherhood is not just a full time and the most difficult job, it's also an extreme sport which requires working around the clock with full of energy. Its like a security duty which needs long hours of vigilance.

It's so obvious to relegate; mother's needs far behind child's requirements.

Same thing happens when it comes to loosing the weight post delivery.

I wasn't the fitness freak or something but I had my own exercise and yoga scheduled ,; before pregnancy... I remained active throughout my pregnancy and as a result I didn't gain much. But thanks to the nuclear family set-up, there was no one to help me out with the baby and I couldn't get the time to work out.

But as I was very keen on getting fit more than loosing weight, I started working out and yoga with the baby!!

All you need is a good pair of shoes, a pram, a stroller, a carrier or anything like that, a bit of energy... and you are good to go!!


Start out walking slowly for 2 minutes, then gradually pick up the pace to a brisk walk. Switch from using both hands on the

As you walk, extend each leg as far forward as possible.


It's tough to get time for these things after having baby, so it's a good idea to involve them in this.

First thing I always wanted him to learn this holistic lifestyle, so we started doing it together.

There are few poses which you can do with the baby such as Downward dog, Forward bend, bridge pose, cat pose, hop along, cobra pose, etc.

You can wear your baby while doing some of the standing poses.


The best thing to do with the baby!

It's fun for both of us plus it helps in loosing weight as well as lifting up your mood on the bad day. ( Which comes very often post pregnancy!!)


When baby’s old enough to be holding her head, neck and torso up by herself (about four to five months old) hold her in your arms and squat.

Don’t let your knees go beyond your toes, and keep them from collapsing in or out.

You can also do bench squats.


You can do sit ups while your baby sitting or laying on your tummy.

But your baby should be able to hold his neck before sitting on the tummy.


Planks are easy to do while your baby is having a tummy time plus it helps in strengthening your muscles.

Make sure you are doing it right, if it's tough you can totally bring your knees to the floor.


Once you got the pace in stroller walking you can go ahead with the running!

Keep in mind few things... Is the child comfortable with the harnesses? Is the stroller stable and secure? And does it bounce too much for a child?

I started taking my son out at about 5 months, but only on a new road near my house that was extremely smooth, extremely flat.There literally isn't a bump on the entire route. It made the runs a bit boring from my end, but it didn't bother my child at all.

;;;;;;;; These are few forms of exercises which you can totally do ALONG WITH THE BABY. You can also do kegel exercises and pranayam even while breastfeeding or when your baby is sleeping on your lap!!

In addition to this you can always add things up, such as doing household works, other forms of exercises when your baby is sleeping, breastfeeding, watching out your diet and few lifestyle changes taking in consideration your baby's schedule!!

Hope it helps!!!

Excellent handy tips!

❤️ wow thanks for this motivation Shruti

Wow i missed this!

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