my girl is 1 year 10 month old. she is having problem of poop. she goes to poop multiple times in a day. she constantly forces to go to poop. she everytime speaks that she wants to go to poop..I wash multiple times in a day. sometimes I have to remove poop myself which is stick. I have tried many remedies. right now taking homeopathy since 20 days. but it is also not showing result. shall I try prunes or karo syrup. any body has similar prob and got solution?

Please give her fibre diet that is fruits n vegetables. Try giving pulp ( in fruit) of orange or mosambi..N what about dewormation? Dewormation should be done once in 6 months. Contact ur paediatrician regarding this

As per adviced by Babychakra expert Dr Arushi (Pediatrician) -
Homoeopathy medication Wil not give u immediate relief but Wil permanently solve her problem.
Needs little patience.
Along with Homoeopathic medication soak black seedless Raisins n crush n give 2-3. Give 1 prune. As much curd possible.
N reduce milk consumption. That shud sort the problem

how much time will it take to solve this. she gets irritated every day

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