Hi moms n expert..i am a mother of one month baby and a 2.5 n yrs elder daughter is very much naughty.whenevrr i say no to any thing she does it again at d same moment n i loose my temper n i hit the younger babynis too small n i feel so tired all d time..n small small tjing makes me feel so angry..n now a days its been so increased..I cried after that a lot..I dont know whats going on with hubby is out of India n i came to my mom place still i unable to control her naughtyness..please help I manage 2kids..really feeling so depressed..

hi Rekha.. may be u can get ur parent's help to keep the elder one engaged with her favourites.. just try to keep one thing in mind - kids try to be naughty jus to get attention.. when u r free try talking to her, playing with her .. I guess this ll reduce ur depressed feeling too.. things will fall in place as the little one grows.. lot of mother s face similar situation.. so its OK.. everything will be fine soon

your baby is 2.5 year, she going to school or not

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