My 10 months old baby got cold n cough. is there any home remedy for that?

apply a bit of Vicks to noise n chest, not much OK

buy chithrathe(in Kannada) from any pooja shop, I mean grandhige shop.. boil this n giv two spoons fo baby.. it will work out

chithrathe!!!! Do u mean kappor (camphor)?

By the way....thanks for ur help.

Hi Shweta. For such a small baby adopt a safe method of steaming. It really helps especially in the night. You get small steamers that you can leave on near by baby with supervision. Take care.

1 spoon honey, 5drop Tulsi ka Ras ,3drops adrak ka Ras Mila lo aur thodi thodi me chata do

Thank u all for help. Will try steaming along with this tulsi adrak ka ras. thank u.

honey should not be given befor one year. you can go for steaming. I used to raise my baby's head during sleep. for block nose I used nasal drops. garlic and mustard oil massage during night in his feet and keeping ajwain potli near his head. mid morning and evening snack was warm soup. helps a lot.

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