Hi.. my baby will complete 3 month in another week. He's currently having 300 - 450 ml formula along with my breast milk daily. Is that too much for him?? will he become overweight ??

Hi Nisha. I would recommend you feed as much as baby wants to feed. Is there any reason why you are not exclusively breast feeding?

der just feed baby according to his need n forget abt his weight gain otherwise baby ll bcme fussy....

since the beginning even after feeding for a long time he used to cry .. sometimes he's full and satisfied.. but sometimes he cries and pulls at the breast and fusses .. so we started formula.. now he's used to it.. and he's happy and growth is good.. day time I completely breastfeed and night before sleeping he has 150ml formula and after 5 to 6 hrs of sleeps he again has 150ml of formula and sleeps till 8am ..

Nisha feed baby as much as he wants. Do ensure you burp adequately after every feed.

As advised by BabyChakra expert Sonali Shivlani, Pre and Post Natal Consultant.

The quantity of milk intake generally depends on the weight of the baby. In this case since baby is also taking breast milk it is difficult to give an accurate number. It is best to follow the baby's cues. If baby is turning away do not attempt to over feed. Another idea would be to follow the quantity based on the baby's age as mentioned on the jar or box of formula.

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