My baby is 8 month and 2 weeks old... My problem is he never show any kind of love and affection towards me... Like if I leave him uske grandparents k pass and go for shopping or any other work... In that whole time period he never miss me never cry for me.. Just ate his food sleep either play... M so disheartened.. I sacrifice everything for him and in return he don't even love me...don't know where m lacking...

hey ritika, it's nothing like that...i too leave my kid and go for work. the whole day he too eats,plays and sleeps and doesn't miss me. but when I return in evening he's happy. don't get upset. every child is different. continue loving and playing with him. he too loves you and at the end of the day all he needs is his mom. so be happy and keep parenting!

Hi Ritika. You are not alone. Many moms face this. To be honest some babies are like that. It has nothing to do with you. My son at similar age would only want Papa and not me. I found that disturbing because it is usually the other way around. Yes, you have given up a lot and one day baby will be very thankful for it. Continue to shower your love and play together. Oy hurts at times but in the end you are the mom and no one can match that. Baby enjoys playing with others but when they really are in need its the mom who they remember. Pls stay in touch with us. A big hug!

Keep yourself busy too with something you enjoy. All the best

Hi Ritika, don't be disheartened. Your lo s very small to understand u. He is v comfortable with his grand parents, don't worry. Make out some time with your baby where only u n ur baby spend time together. Shower him with lots of love n cuddles. In fact u r lucky many moms don't find time for themselves n ur lo s so very adjustable, stay happy n positive. How much ever anybody does kids will come back to their parents so don't feel bad just enjoy ur me time...

Ritika, just don't be disheartened. See I got your some advise from our Bangalore MomStar Nandini Arvind.

Ritika....Fast fwd a few yrs from now and you ll be wanting you son to leave you alone for some lone time. I think you should see it this in a positive way....your son seems to be a no fuss baby..many moms will give their both arms and all the hair on their head for that. Plz don't think his lack of showing that he was missing you as he doesn't love you. All babies are different. Just wait till he starts playschool....or proper schooling, you'll get all that love and more than you asked for....
Enjoy this free time and enjoy this time with your baby!! Your sacrifices will never go for a waste.

Thank you all for the support I really need this

Ritika , we are here for you.

same here baby is 8 months too....she is too small to show affection...wait till she gets a little older.... I'm always there beside her,I know she's not old enough to show love,but I've no worries. I know she will return love,kisses n hugs when she's a little older...

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