I am a mother of 3.5 yr old hyper active boy and he always ready to learn any other activity(drawing,music,dancing,games etc..) besides study. But no training or coaching is available at my location as we are living in a township which is located in the middle of forest(Karnataka state). My husband is a central government mining engineer. So, we have to live in remote area only. But I want to make my boy learn other activities. Please anyone can suggest solution to overcome this. any online classes for any activity is there? please help me....

You can try to involve your kid in some indoor activities( board games, ball games, etc) or online interactive games. Channelise his energies in household chores like putting his clothes or toys in place. You can involve him in role plays and other such games to make it fun for him. Since you live close to nature acquaint him with different types of flowers, birds, animals etc when outdoor and develop his interest in the same.

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