Hello. My baby is 4 months old. Her gums are very hard since one month, she gets very cranky at times and put her hands in her mouth and shouts like anything. Now she even started biting her lips between her gums, rubbing ears and eyes many times nd getting too cranky. Are these teething symptoms or what? How can I help my daughter to get relief from it.

Can anyone pls help me with this..

Is she drinking milk properly? We faced similar issue with our son during 4th month and we too thought it was teething. But after multiple trips to hospital we found it was throat infection. Please visit Dr if she doesn't drink milk.

Forgot to mention, rubbing eyes means, she is feeling sleepy. Put her to sleep. See if it works.

She is taking milk properly. No issues with that.

What can be the cause then. Her gums is also too hard nd she gets too cranky at times and want to bite her hand nd biting her lips

I guess then milk intake may not be sufficient for her. This usually happens around three months. If ur bf-ing her, try to supplement with formula and see. Small trick: put ur finger inside her mouth and check whether she bites it. If she bites, she might be still hungry. Do the same check in the early morning after feeding. If she doesn't bite after feed, the problem might be with the milk supply

These are also teething signs. visit pedia for an ayurvedic massage gel for gums.

Thanks guys.. Ya I have taken appointment for pediatrician.

@sushma.. I m giving her formula feed as well along with bf.. Will try this.

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